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Viridor’s Super MRF Surpasses 1 Million Tonne Mark

Viridor Waste Management's Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) at Crayford, Kent has now processed over 1 million tonnes of materials for recycling.

Opened in 2003, and still the largest and most efficient Materials Recycling
Facility (MRF) in Europe, the Crayford facility has traded a total of 1,151,657
tonnes of recyclables comprising paper, plastic, metals and glass. This equates
to between 35,000 and 40,000 tonnes diverted away from landfill and recycled per month.

For 2007/2008, Viridor achieved an impressive 1,440,764 tonnes of recyclable
products from all its materials recycling facilities. However this only includes
three months' contribution from the Crayford super MRF and so the current
financial year should see a significant increase. Viridor also recycled an
additional 234,183 tonnes of organic material producing a range of compost

These figures highlight Viridor's commitment to expanding its production
capacity for high quality materials from co-mingled recyclables, and the
marketing of those materials under the umbrella of Viridor Resource Management
Ltd. Viridor has worked hard to deliver high tech industrial scale operations
to provide cost effective and efficient recovery of materials.

John Viviani, managing director of Viridor Resource Management said: “Passing the one million tonne milestone is a fantastic achievement. We are proud to be supplying high quality recyclate materials to the UK and global markets as we expand our UK resource management facilities and international reputation for quality and service.

“Our team works closely with our end user customers to meet their high quality
purchasing requirements.”

About Viridor
Viridor Waste Management is one of the UK's leading recycling and waste
management companies. It is owned by the Pennon Group, a major UK plc with
assets of over £2.3 billion.

Each year Viridor manages over nine million tonnes of wastes and recycles over a million tonnes of material. It operates 73 household waste recycling sites (HWRSs), 15 materials recycling facilities (MRFs), and over 240 facilities across the UK, processing large volumes of municipal, commercial and industrial wastes.

The company provides a full range of services in support of recycling including advanced in-vessel composting, anaerobic digestion,mechanical/biological
treatment, glass collection and reprocessing, materials recycling, waste
electrical equipment collection and processing, waste to energy, collection and safe and efficient landfill disposal of post recycling residuals. Viridor also generates 84 Megawatts of renewable energy.

Viridor was the first waste management company in the UK to adopt a
comprehensive environmental management system (EMS) across its entire business,
gaining accreditation to ISO 14001, the highest international standard, at all
its major operational centres, and is now progressing to the adoption of a
business management system accredited to ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO
14001 and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety) standards.

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