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Virtual success for Mosca Digital exhibition platform attracts user interest

Virtual success for Mosca: Digital exhibition platform attracts user interest

As an alternative to the trade fairs that were cancelled this year, Mosca launched a virtual exhibition platform on 11 May 2020. It offers viewers an opportunity to experience machine innovations and concepts for digital processes. During the week from 11 to 15 May, Mosca experts were available online to answer questions in a live chat. After nearly two months of presenting the virtual platform, the company is reporting positive results. The virtual exhibition stand was visited more than 5,000 times, with viewers coming mainly from Germany, the USA, Poland, the Netherlands, Finland, Austria and Spain. Mosca will continue to offer the multimedia platform with information on the company’s product portfolio at https://exhibition.mosca.com.

“When it became clear in March that the trade events scheduled for 2020 – an important trade show year for our company – would not be able to take place as planned, we immediately started looking for ways to move the trade fair experience into a virtual space,” explains Alfred Kugler, CEO at Mosca. “Although a digital exhibition stand can’t replace face-to-face interaction, we see it as an opportunity to showcase new developments along with the latest concepts for digitalisation at the end of the packaging line”. The Mosca presentation includes a virtual tour featuring product innovations, strapping materials and services. Animated videos illustrate digital applications ranging from predictive maintenance to new pay-per-use models. Interest in the digital exhibition stand was especially high during the first week when the majority of visitors explored the virtual presentation. Mosca experts were available from 11 to 15 May to answer questions via live chat. Of course, visitors can still get in touch with the respective expert today: Each stand area includes contact details for the Mosca specialist.

One highlight of the exhibition stand is a virtual strapping line consisting of several machines from the Mosca product portfolio along with a Fuji Robotics palletising robot and a Movitec stretch wrapper. This line shows how packages are strapped according to specifications, palletised and prepared for transport in a fully automated process. The high-end machines in the line can be operated via control station. They are also able to read information from RFID tags on the packages or independently process information from upstream machines. Alfred Kugler: “In many cases, companies don’t use the full potential of their machines. With this packaging line, we want to show customers how smoothly fully-automated packaging processes can operate and invite them to learn more about what’s possible”.

Interested users can visit the virtual Mosca stand at https://exhibition.mosca.com and see future scenarios designed for the packaging industry.

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