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Vishay PM Onboard’s wireless weighing system collects HGV loading data on-site

FreightWeigh overload protection for air-suspension vehicles delivers cost savings and security for operators

Vishay PM Onboard has extended the advantages of its low-cost vehicle overload warning technology to cater for heavy goods vehicles with air suspension, allowing vehicle operators access to collect accurate loading information quickly and cost-effectively. Weight information enables operators to improve operational efficiency and ensure compliance with legal requirements such as loading limits and duty-of-care.
The FreightWeigh system uses transducers fitted to the vehicle's suspension to measure loading at key points and transmit the data wirelessly to a handheld device. The device displays gross vehicle weight (GVW) in kilogrammes, as well as percentage loading on the tractor and trailer, using an easily understood graphical format.

FreightWeigh is suitable for any combination of tractor and trailer, including rigid, articulated, draw-bar and multiple-trailer vehicles. Up to four sensors can be fitted to a single vehicle, and installation is typically completed within four hours. Each fitment is initially calibrated using a standard weighbridge. Subsequently, vehicle operators are able to gain accurate loading information at their own premises, reducing usage of weighbridge services and saving out-of-route mileage. The system is suitable for multiple fleet vehicles and utilises an auto trailer identification signal for multiple trailer usage.

The handheld device can be operated up to 30 metres from the vehicle. The unit is easy to use, requires minimal training, and uses rechargeable batteries to deliver low cost of ownership and “always-ready” convenience.

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