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Vision processes 1 millionth RFID tag

Intellident Ltd are pleased to announce that World Wide Fruit, one of the leading suppliers of fresh fruit to leading UK supermarkets – including Marks & Spencer (M&S) – have successfully despatched their 1 millionth RFID-programmed tray using Intellident’s Vision software into the M&S distribution network.

Core to the development of the Vision platform, WWF have embraced the use of RFID to ensure 100% accurate depot deliveries and epitomises the dream that Marks & Spencer have for their supplier base – to deliver the right product to the right place at the right time, every time!

Jim Hopwood, Managing Director of Intellident said: “There have always been obvious benefits for the implementation of RFID systems within retail supply chains, however, the payback for suppliers has not always been so clear. The early, forward-thinking nature of World Wide Fruit helped lead to the development of the Vision picking and despatch solution, which has enabled them to ensure 100% accurate despatches, generating hundreds of thousands of £’s of benefit each and every year.”

To add to the success, World Wide Fruit have also been acknowledged by Mark & Spencer as their first ever ‘Gold Status’ supplier, recognising the accuracy of shipments using RFID.

The Marks & Spencer Food Supply Chain Project represents the single largest deployment of RFID technology within a food supply chain, globally. Intellident have been the sole contractor responsible for the design and supply of a range of RFID reading and writing equipment to the supplier base, together with the tagging of over 4.5 million returnable assets (green trays, dollies and roll-cages).

Embedded within each of the 4.5 million green trays used for the delivery of fresh produce into M&S stores is an intelligent RFID tag, which is programmed by each of the suppliers. Information written replaces the traditional barcode tray-end label and enables each of the six M&S distribution centres to receive deliveries quickly, accurately and efficiently using the information read on-mass from the trays as they are delivered.

The Vision Data Centre from Intellident is a powerful software platform for the control and processing of data written to and collected from RFID tags and smart labels in complex supply chains. Vision ensures that the goods leaving a supplier are despatched in the right quantity, to the right place, at the right time, and within date life tolerance (if appropriate).

Vision has a number of plug-in modules that allow it communicate with industry standard ERP, EDI and bespoke management systems to automatically retrieve electronic order files from a customer, before processing to ensure that orders are fulfilled and despatched correctly

Essentially, Vision enables suppliers to realise the benefits of RFID together with the retailers. By ensuring 100% accurate despatched, suppliers can be sure that products will arrive at the right place and the right time, and most importantly will not be rejected by the retailer.

Vision is a patent-pending suite of products that have received multiple awards, including the recent Re:fresh Innovation of the Year award in association with World Wide Fruit.

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