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Visitors trial innovative risk management software at IMHX 2013

Mentor, the UK’s foremost training provider, gave managers and supervisors at IMHX the opportunity to find out what it’s like for their drivers completing a module of interactive risk assessment… by doing it themselves!

Using a touch screen display, visitors worked through a series of questions and hypothetical scenarios, to build a personal profile encompassing everything from attitude and knowledge to behaviour and hazard perception.

Developed in collaboration with employers, Virtual Risk Manager (VRM) quickly and accurately identifies areas of forklift operation and safety that require improvement.

Managing Director, Richard Shore, said: "VRM makes it easy for employers to achieve the highest safety benefit, without wasting time and resources.

"In a workplace situation, the software provides a detailed breakdown of risk ratings across all of a company’s fork lift truck operators, and suggests plans for future training – with the ability to identify and prioritise individuals that most need it.

"By tailoring training to the appropriate level required by each individual, this software has the potential to minimise a company’s training costs – something we are keen to help our customers achieve, especially in the current economic climate."

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