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Vitronic exhibiting at IMHX 2013

VITRONIC is exhibiting its range of camera-based identification systems at IMHX 2013, the UK’s essential intralogistics event, at the NEC Birmingham 19-22 March. Located in booth 19L148, hall 19 at the AMHSA Pavillion, visitors will be able to see VITRONIC’s products in action, obtain information and company literature and discuss their requirements with the firm’s engineers.

A typical VITRONIC identification system used in distribution, contract and 3PL logistics is VICAM, which operates above conveyors and captures photographic images of parcel labels as they travel underneath. It allows companies to quickly and accurately identify goods, detect deformations on cartons and integrate the captured data seamlessly into ERP systems for further processing.

VITRONIC VICAM camera systems capture all data required for inbound inspection on up to six sides of a package for the handling of returns or carton identification. It reliably identifies even the tiniest of barcodes, 2D codes or plain text (OCR) – with much higher read rates than conventional laser scanners, and recognises multiple codes on a single package combined with plain text with ease. The volume and weight of the packages can also be captured inline.

In addition to the goods receipt process, VICAM camera systems are also ideal for use in order picking and outbound inspection, or for the sorting of parcels and letters/smalls by parcel service companies.

Automatic contour inspection
VICAM camera systems enable inline capture and measurement of the surfaces and contours of packages in any rotational position on sorter conveyors travelling at speeds of up to 3 m/s. With an additional software function for contour inspection, deviations from the ideal carton shape (e.g. bulges or dents) can also be captured.

This helps prevent malfunctions of the automatic warehouse technology and a decline in throughput when the cartons are stored in high rack warehouses. In addition, deformed cartons may indicate that the contained goods are damaged. In this case, they can be inspected and dealt with if necessary prior to putting into storage.

Semi-automatic code reading with VICAMsnap!
VICAMsnap! matrix cameras are suitable for data capture during manual package handling as part of incoming inspection. The camera is installed above the workstation. An operator manually moves the package through the large reading field. The codes and data are captured automatically and archived as images. This eliminates the need for additional, costly reading stations and conveyor technology.

Once the package has been captured, a control code can be used to initiate data synchronization with the ERP system and, for example, automatic printing of an internal label. The newly labelled package is then read again using the code, and the goods receipt process is completed and documented.

Automatic code reading with VICAMssi2
The VICAMssi2 auto-focus line-scan camera is the solution for automatic data capture in automated high rack warehouses containing cartons, or where packages are processed automatically using conveyor technology at inbound inspection.
This compact camera offers maximum read rates at high conveyor speeds of up to 3.0 m/s. It also reduces energy consumption by approx. 50% compared with systems from other manufacturers. VICAMssi2 is already in its seventh generation of production, and has been installed more than 5,000 times worldwide.

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