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Vitronic’s Volumec HS2s Measures Up

Vitronic announces its ingenious new volume-measuring device, Volumec HS2s. For use in automated parcel handling systems, it is the first product of its kind to be certified for use with sorters. This makes it a unique and pioneering product.

Conventional volumisers are only certified to operate over standard belt conveyors. This is because the parcel trays on sorters (e.g. a tilt try sorter) are often shaped or have a lip, which confuses the measuring software. Where multiple belt conveyors feed a sorter, each requires its own volumiser unit, which is very expensive.

Volumec HS2s' intelligent software identifies the type of tray on the sorter, differentiates it from the parcel and correctly determines each item's volume. The innovation means Volumec HS2s is certified for use over sorters. A single unit will serve multiple incoming belt conveyors, bringing significant cost savings and simplifying maintenance.

Volumec HS2s uses lasers to measure the height, width and length of goods in an automated parcel handling system at speeds of up to 2.5 metres per second. Using this data, it calculates the volume of each item and the smallest cube that will enclose it. This enables automatic invoicing, reducing costs and speeding up dispatches. Volumec HS2s also optimises logistics processes such as loading, ensuring vehicle transit space is utilised efficiently.

Volumec HS2s is compatible with Vipac, Vitronic's automated parcel recognition system. Vipac uses cameras to read barcodes, 2D codes and hand written address information. It is possible to compare information from the two systems with customer parcel data to identify and resolve discrepancies. As a standalone product, Volumec HS2s is easily integrated into most automated parcel handling systems.

Malcolm Smith, UK Sales Manager at Vitronic, was delighted about the launch; “Volumec HS2s is a groundbreaking product, both for Vitronic and the parcel handling industry. Its application over sorters makes it unique and the potential cost savings for customers are enormous. It will be popular with courier, express and parcel service providers, as well as mail order companies.”

For more information visit www.vitronic.com

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