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VoCollect announces major expansion of global partner program

Vocollect, a business unit of Intermec,Inc. and the world leader in voice-centric solutions for mobile workers, today announced a significant expansion of its Vocollect Voice Partner Program to give AIDC (Automated Identification and Data Capture) resellers of mobile computers for warehouse applications a new competitive edge and enable them to resell Vocollect’s Talkman mobile voice computers in partnership with Vocollect-certified software partners to new voice customers worldwide.

This enhancement to Vocollect’s industry-leading global partner program allows AIDC resellers, as "Vocollect Hardware Partners," to join forces with "Vocollect Software Partners" to offer all the benefits of complete voice solutions to their customers not currently using Vocollect Voice. Now those customers can realise the same significant benefits experienced by Vocollect’s more than 1500 existing customers, including major cost savings and high return on investment resulting from increased productivity, accuracy and traceability in workflows such as picking, receiving, cycle-counting and replenishment. Existing customers also report dramatic reductions in training time as well as increases in worker safety and job satisfaction.

Vocollect offers customers its market-leading voice software on a broad range of hardware platforms, including a recently expanded range of devices from Intermec, Psion, Motorola and LXE. Vocollect customers can also choose to deploy Vocollect’s own purpose-built Talkman devices for voice, voice and scanning or voice plus a wide range of functions. Until now, the Talkman device portfolio was not available for resale by AIDC resellers. These resellers can now become Vocollect-certified to resell Talkman mobile voice appliances and accessories alongside their other device offerings and help to further expand the growing global market for voice solutions.

"We have been an Intermec partner for 14 years, and we are excited about the opportunity to sell Vocollect Talkmans in addition to our other offerings. This expanded portfolio gives us a great opportunity to expand our business and drive improved bottom line with Vocollect’s innovative products," said Dan Cheresh, president, Informs.

"Every single day, Vocollect Voice is used by more than 350,000 workers in more than 60 countries and in over 35 languages whose companies move more than US $3.5 billion worth of products to customer locations around the world. This major expansion of our partner program will extend the benefits of a voice-centric warehouse to thousands more customers in industries worldwide," said Joe Pajer, president of Vocollect Inc.

"We are excited to present our partners, both existing ones and those who might join us through this new program, with the chance to participate in the growth opportunity provided by voice-directed technology in warehouses and distribution centres. This is one more way for Intermec and Vocollect partners to offer differentiated, customer-valued solutions that address the top business challenges of our customers," said Scott Anderson, vice president, global channels, Intermec, Inc.

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