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Voice picking solutions company Zetes launches Ready To Go 3iV WES Express

Fastest possible implementation time and return on investment
Designed for all types of user, hardware agnostic
Enables any company to realize the benefits of voice picking

In response to continued interest from customers in voice solutions and their desire for maximum return on investment, Zetes launches its first "plug and play" voice software solution. 3iV WES Express provides all the key functionality the majority of users require and can be fully operational in the shortest possible timeframe. Significantly the arrival of 3iV WES Express expands the reach of voice technology to companies who, as a result of resource or integration issues, were unable to reap the benefits of voice directed picking in the warehouse.

Zetes is a leading pan-European provider of solutions and services for the automatic identification of goods and people and, with an installed base of over 50,000 voice devices, which support in the region of 75,000 users, is regarded as a market leader in the provision of voice solutions.

Targeted at all company sizes and sectors of industry, Zetes 3iV WES Express can be deployed in the shortest possible implementation time. 3iV WES Express is therefore highly cost efficient and offers a pre-defined range of voice functionality to a wide range of back office systems and the fastest possible return on their investment.

The 3iV WES Express solution is suitable for companies using either a standard or "homegrown" warehouse management system (WMS) as it delivers a high level of functionality to support customised warehouse processes and product sets. The 3iV WES Express is a new software product and was developed following the launch of 3iV Crystal in 2007. It forms part of the ongoing product roadmap for Zetes’ 3i Voice Solutions.

Zetes’ Senior VP for Northern Europe, James Hannay says "Whether you are a large or small business, 3iV WES Express can be deployed in the shortest possible implementation time and is highly cost efficient."

He continues, "As a result of our extensive experience deploying a wide range of voice solutions, Zetes has built a true ready to go solution which can give companies the productivity and accuracy improvements they seek very quickly and delivers a tangible ROI in the shortest possible timescale. "

3iV WES Express is the latest addition to Zetes’ 3i Voice Solution portfolio which is designed to offer the widest possible choice of functionality, flexibility and integration capability to facilitate voice directed working, real time data capture and data visibility.

3iV WES Express is completely hardware agnostic and can be deployed on either a single mobile hardware platform, a mixed hardware platform, a dedicated voice picking terminal or in a truly multimodal environment, supporting combined voice, screen, scan and key entry. This capability brings freedom of choice for the user on the hardware platform, which ensures the right solution can be deployed to achieve maximum benefit. Depending on the environment in which 3iV WES Express is being used, Zetes believes this flexibility of choice is a pre-requisite for any customer seeking a voice directed work solution. This flexibility is at the core of Zetes’ solutions approach.

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