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Void fill specialists at AirPouch® have unveiled NEW high performance EarthAware™ pillows

Anticipating growing consumer and regulatory interest in green issues, AirPouch specialists at Automated Packaging Systems have developed a choice of two solutions, both produced to the same high quality standards for superior pillow strength and seal integrity. Choose oxodegradable pillows or pillows made from reprocessed film at the Automated Packaging Systems manufacturing facility in Malvern, Worcestershire.

AirPouch Express 3 outputs filled EarthAware pillows at speeds of more than 15 metres per minute, offering an easy-to-use, cost-effective and space-saving solution for busy packing and dispatch zones.
The new pillows are being introduced in Europe following success in North American markets. They are available in green and transparent finishes as standard, and can be custom-printed with a branded statement of environmental commitment.

"Our customers continue to choose AirPouch because the system offers clean, efficient void fill at high speeds, even in confined spaces, but they are very aware that consumer choice and buying behaviour is influenced by environmental concerns," explains AirPouch product manager Colin Gunnell. "Now it is easy to make a clear statement of environmental awareness without compromising on efficiency and effectiveness, simply by choosing an AirPouch system with EarthAware pillows."

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