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Volvo Trucks maximises uptime for haulage firms

Online truck monitoring, more efficient workshop planning, and Volvo Action Service on Call. Together they create a platform that allows Volvo Trucks to set the scene for maximum uptime.

The key to this achievement is the new electronic structure in the Volvo FH series. Using a communication unit known as the Telematics Gateway, the truck is remotely linked up via the GSM network. This allows the workshop to monitor the vehicle’s condition from afar, keeping a watch on brake and clutch wear, as well as the condition of the battery and air drier filter.

"Now that the workshop can see the actual wear, it can postpone or advance the next service as needed. This allows the haulage firm to avoid unnecessary visits to the workshop and can thus increase the truck’s uptime," says Christian Gustavsson, Service Manager at Volvo Trucks.

Since the workshop is continuously aware of the truck’s condition and can read fault codes in advance, each service can be prepared more efficiently and carried out more quickly.

Updated functions delivered online
The remote link also makes it possible to send information to the truck. Among other things, various parameters can be adjusted remotely. For instance, the load indicator can be activated, as can calibration of fuel consumption measurement.

"Everything that can be done via a cable at the workshop will also be able to be done remotely in the future. This means that the truck will not have to go to the workshop to have these updates installed – it will be possible to upgrade the haulage firm’s entire truck fleet, irrespective of where the various trucks happen to be located at the time," explains Christian Gustavsson.

Built for maximum uptime
The new Volvo FH series is built to last. Quality is firmly in focus both for Volvo and its customers. Despite this, it is difficult to entirely avoid unplanned downtime. However, since the workshop can keep a watchful eye on the truck’s condition online, maintenance and repairs can be planned in time and to suit the customer’s operational schedule. This minimises the risk of unplanned standstills. And should they nonetheless occur, the TGW link allows the workshop to come to the truck properly prepared to solve the problem and get the vehicle back on its way in the shortest time possible.

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Service at the press of a button
VAS on Call is another new feature that increases security for the driver. Inside the truck this new feature can be seen primarily in the new VAS button in the instrument panel. Press once and the system connects the truck to the Volvo Action Service customer helpdesk. Information transmitted from the truck allows the driver to be connected to a coordinator who speaks the driver’s mother-tongue.

"The coordinator receives direct information about the truck’s exact location. If the vehicle is equipped with Dynafleet, the coordinator can also see who is making the call. The registration number and chassis number are also transmitted simultaneously," says Fiona Mårtensson, head of Volvo Action Service at Volvo Trucks.

"This automated system saves valuable time and delivers help to the truck driver that much faster," she explains.

More effective Volvo Action Service
Volvo Action Service can also transmit the truck’s fault codes to a Volvo workshop – and with 1100 authorised Volvo workshops throughout Europe, there’s always one close at hand. The fault codes allow the service technician to prepare whatever is needed from the outset, which in turn enables the truck to get back in operation as soon as possible.

"Instead of needing to drive out to the truck, check it, drive back to the workshop for the right parts and then return with the necessary spares and tools, everything can be brought along on the very first trip. In this way, the VAS button cuts lead times and generates additional uptime," says Fiona Mårtensson.

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