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Voxware marks 18 months since launch of Cloud-Based Voice Solution

Voxware, an innovative voice software provider, today marked 18 months since the launch of its Cloud Voice Management Suite (VMS). Initially launched in October 2012, the company has seen tremendous growth in cloud deployments and achieved high double-digit growth in SaaS bookings during the first half of FY 2014. The significant adoption can be attributed to the market’s high demand for more flexible cloud-based voice offerings that provide a lower total cost of ownership and can more easily adapt to new supply chain demands than on premise solutions. Voxware will be celebrating this milestone during a cocktail reception later this month at Modex.

"We have been able to expand our retail footprint by 50% annually and increased productivity by 33% over our old paper-based picking system since we adopted Voxware’s cloud-based voice management suite," said Shawn McGhee, President of Hollywood Feed. "It’s much easier and faster for me to add resources for the next five stores versus having to adjust the size of the company and our growth rate based on the abilities of the IT infrastructure. Voxware’s cloud-based solution delivered ROI in less than 60 days."

Companies of all types and sizes have been attracted to the Voxware Cloud Voice Management Suite (VMS), which provides a scalable solution that enables organizations to enhance operational productivity, improve accuracy, and better serve its customers without investing in costly IT infrastructure.

"The changes seen in the supply chain require companies to have a solution in place that can be rapidly scaled and adapted to meet consumer demand," said Keith Phillips, CEO at Voxware. "Cloud-based voice technology in the warehouse ensures that companies are prepared for these changes without overburdening them with exorbitant capital expenditures."

The increased interest in cloud-based voice technology is in response to the desire to cut risks and costs, as well as keep pace with the changing commerce landscape. While ease of use and rapid deployment play significant roles in the decision to move to the cloud, overall, the benefits that companies see in deploying a cloud-based voice solution include:

Cost Competitiveness: Most on premise solutions involve a costly implementation that can run well into the six figures. The cloud subscription model makes it easy for companies by fixing operating expenses at a lower level over the course of a year.

Low Tech Overhead: Not only do companies enjoy a low-tech burden during implementation, they also enjoy a lower ongoing impact on IT resources. Voice in the cloud comes pre-loaded with all of the tech infrastructure that companies need, so they don’t need to build out or purchase their own.

Flexible and Configurable: Because the system is so easy to configure, companies realize an accelerated ROI with little disruption to other warehouse operations.
The Cloud Grows With You: Updating software and hardware is an expensive and time-consuming process with on premise solutions, but it’s all included with Voxware’s cloud offering. Software updates are downloaded automatically and hardware updates are prescheduled and occur at no cost to the company.

"Few companies are willing to invest heavily in technology that has a limited shelf life. Increasingly more companies want a cloud-based solution where updates can be made with nearly no downtime and the provider assumes responsibility for the overhead tech infrastructure," said Keith Phillips, CEO at Voxware. "Our cloud-based voice solution ensures that companies of all sizes can compete on the same level and not suffer the pitfalls of antiquated technology that cannot address the evolving demands being placed on the supply chain."

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