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Voxware releases Version 4.1 of popular Voxware 3 software product

Voxware, a leading supplier of software for voice-driven warehousing operations, announced the release of version 4.1 of the Voxware 3 software product suite.

"This is a significant release that increases the functional richness of Voxware 3," said Scott Yetter, Voxware CEO. "It continues our track record of providing new capabilities requested by customers, and making those features available in follow-on releases to all customers who purchased the requisite applications."

Release 4.1 includes a long list of technical and functional enhancements. Among them are provisions for advanced "Bucket Brigade" picking, where assignments are passed from one worker to the next as orders are fulfilled. Also included is a console feature enabling site managers to batch and split multiple assignments, which transparently augments WMS functionality and allows for on-the-spot decision-making that maximizes available resources.

Another major capability is the built-in WMS Adapter Framework. This visual integration tool has been proven to dramatically reduce the time and cost to build and maintain voice interfaces with virtually any WMS, and makes it far easier to evolve the way voice is used by an operation than is possible with other approaches.

New mobility devices have been certified with this release, units manufactured by Motorola, Psion Teklogix, and LXE.

"We work directly with the manufacturers and try to provide support for new devices in each major release of Voxware 3," said Yetter. "This gets us ahead of the curve, and provides our customers with a range of choices when they need them. Every Voxware 3 application is portable across all certified devices, so no coding changes are needed if a customer moves from one certified device to another – and we are the only voice vendor offering that kind of future-proofing capability." Voxware 3 Release 4.1 is immediately available from Voxware.

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