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VTC 6201 transportation computer guarantees stable network connection

With the capability to carry passenger and freight traffic, the railway network is frequently the backbone of a country’s transport intrastate. All trains are subject to extreme levels of shock and vibration, which can cause unreliable network signal connection. Designed for the challenges of railway applications, NEXCOM’s VTC 6201 transportation computer is equipped with dual SIM card slots and multiple screw-locked Ethernet ports which are designed to enhance signal and wiring connectivity.

Dual SIM Card Slots Availability.
3G signal strength is often considered a problem for people in rural or boarder areas mainly because of variations in signal coverage. To maintain connectivity in even remote areas, the VTC 6201 in-vehicle computer with two SIM card holders, is able to automatically switch between two different network carriers thus optimizing signal connectivity. This feature is especially useful for journeys across different regions/countries or into areas where network connection is patchy.

Multiple Ethernet LAN Ports in M12 Connectors Support.
The VTC 6201 is equipped with multiple Ethernet LAN ports with M12 connectors. This rugged industrial connector is fabricated from a robust metal construction, making it ideal for railway applications where connectivity is often lost due to extreme vibration and shock.

With built-in Intel® Atom™ D510 1.66Ghz processor, the VTC 6201 in-vehicle computer also supports dual core technology and has powerful video processing capability. For increased versatility, NEXCOM can provide a customized IP65 protection enclosure which is designed to the customers exact project requirements.

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