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Waste declassification made easier for SUEZ thanks to CDEnviro

Waste declassification made easier for SUEZ thanks to CDEnviro

New high frequency wet processing equipment from CDEnviro has made it easier for SUEZ to achieve end-of-waste/waste-derived material accreditation on its final products at its commercial depot and transfer station in Willenhall, West Midlands.

Plant downtime due to plant wear and blockages when processing road sweepings and other waste material is also a thing of the past for SUEZ thanks to the CO:FLO cleansing system.

Road sweepings and construction and demolition materials can be difficult to process, particularly in water treatment systems, where the process is complicated by the issue of the physical and chemical cleanliness of the waste material.

Martin Bladon, SUEZ Site Manager at Willenhall, said: “Since the CO:FLO was installed on our road sweepings processing plant, it has operated without issue and virtually zero maintenance. We have noticed a significant increase in the level of contamination in our centrifuge cake which is a testament to the effectiveness of the CO:FLO. There is also the added bonus of being able to increase plant throughput due to this new level of performance.
“As a result, our sand and aggregate products are now within the aggregate quality protocol limits and can be de-classified as waste and certified for re-use.

This is a significant milestone not just for SUEZ but also for the road sweeping process industry as a whole and we are proud to be leading the way. We continue to work with CDEnviro in our joint goal of achieving sustainable revenue generating outlets for all of the recycled materials produced by our plant.”
Sean Dobbs, Product Development Engineer with CDEnviro, added: “We worked with world renowned university, Trinity College Dublin, to develop this solution to improve our water treatment system and in turn increase the quality of our customers’ final products. The research project led us to develop the CO:FLO, which results in 5-10 times cleaner water than that of a traditional high rate clarification system. The CO:FLO marks a significant step forward in technology, emphasised by the multiple patents pending around the design.”


CDEnviro reducing risks

The CO:FLO is designed to enhance health and safety for onsite operators. All chemical addition points and chemical storage are enclosed within the unit, therefore minimising contact and greatly reducing the risks associated with handling chemicals.

Additionally, an operator access roller door is interlocked with the main door ensuring operator safety when changing intermediate bulk container (IBCs). Operators can process materials more quickly thanks to the modular design which allows rapid site erection, speeding up the commissioning process.
CDEnviro designs and manufactures a range of waste reduction and recycling equipment for application in the sewage, wastewater, waste management and utility industries. These high performance, high efficiency materials recovery and recycling systems have been developed to substantially reduce waste to landfill and maximise the production of commercial grade products from a number of waste streams.

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