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Waste management company Premier Waste expand with new service in Leeds

The North East’s leading independent waste management company is continuing to expand its business with the addition of a new service for business customers in Leeds.

Premier Waste Management opened its Leeds operation in April 2007 and since that time has expanded significantly, employing over 20 members of staff across Yorkshire, with a growing portfolio of blue chip companies.

The company is now introducing its Recycling Banks for businesses in the area, a system which has proved hugely popular in the company’s native North East since they were introduced in 2008.

In the current economic climate all businesses are looking at ways to reduce their costs, and with landfill tax now at £48 for every ton, reducing waste and recycling more is one way to reduce costs quite dramatically.

In addition, since 2007 it has been a requirement of EU law that all businesses must ‘pre-treat their waste’ prior to collection, in other words, they must look at the recycling option and recycle where possible.

Recycling Banks are ideal for businesses which produce small quantities of mixed recyclables. The systems make it incredibly easy for businesses to recycle, because customers put all recycling in to one waste system rather than having to separate it out.

The introduction of the system means that Premier Waste business customers now receive two containers, one for general waste and one for recyclables. Customers put paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, steel and aluminum cans and plastic film in to the Recycling Bank, and all other waste in the general container.

The Redforrest Group Ltd, a customer of Premier for over 10 years has been using the system for 18 months and has already seen a dramatic decrease in general waste.

Paul Allinson, procurement manager at Redforrest, said: "This is a very simple but highly effective way of recycling the company’s waste streams, and all employees responsible for waste handling and recycling are working to the company’s environmental objectives.

"I am really pleased with the service and the way it was received by employees, and it’s good to know that we are doing all we can for the environment, as well as saving money."

Adrian Denton, collection director at Premier, said: "Many businesses want to recycle more because of the obvious cost implications and environmental benefits, but think that it is going to be too time-consuming and not efficient. The Recycling Banks mean that everyone can recycle, as well as meeting EU requirements, and save money quickly and easily. We separate out the recyclable materials and all our customers have to do is put all recyclables in to this one container."

Premier’s system means that the company collects the mixed recyclate and separates it out at its facilities, collecting 100% of usable recyclable material from the waste. And it is this simplicity that has proved the Recycling Banks’ success.

Adrian Denton continued: "Many businesses in the North East have embraced the system and are now expanding their recycling options into other areas such as glass. Companies in Leeds are now following in their footsteps and the service is set to expand very quickly based on the level of enquiries coming into the service centre."

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