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Waste management company, SWR, lands contract to manage the waste at Edinburgh Airport

One of the UK’s fastest growing waste management companies, SWR, has landed a significant contract to manage the waste at Edinburgh Airport.

As one of the UK’s busier airports, it serves some nine million passengers and has 2,500 staff employed in its many retail outlets, restaurants, and bars. The airport generates around 2,000 tonnes of waste a year from a variety of sources, including aircraft, catering and retail outlets, general maintenance and construction.

With the support of SWR, Edinburgh Airport has already begun to improve their recycling performance and now recycles an impressive 52 percent of all waste. The airport has set a long-term goal to recycle 70 percent its waste by 2020, and aims to process the remaining 30 percent so that no waste will be sent to landfill by 2020.

CSR and Environment Manager at Edinburgh Airport, Victoria Barby, said: "Our first priority is to reduce the amount of waste generated through improved efficiency and more thoughtful selection of goods. Attention will then shift to the treatment of the waste stream, encouraging re-use, recycling, re-processing and composting.

"We have now entered into a new contract with SWR who have put in place a bespoke waste solution to ensure that we get the best possible results. By employing experts to manage our waste, we have been able to realise benefits very quickly and it allows our staff to get on with the business of running the airport."

SWR’s General Manager for Scotland, Stephen Cameron, said: "Although the airport was by no means performing poorly, we were able to identify number of additional efficiencies that could be made to streamline the management and disposal of their waste. From the first day of the contract we set about engaging with all stakeholders in the waste process and quickly making positive changes."

SWR’s goal is not only to improve recycling performance but also to manage costs for Edinburgh Airport. SWR expects that the recent 14 percent increase in Landfill Tax and general waste disposal costs will be offset by the airport’s improved operational efficiencies.

For further information on SWR or to find out how to efficiently plan and manage your waste strategy, contact SWR Waste Management on 0800 038 0300 or visit www.swrwastemanagement.co.uk

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