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Wastefile UK goes carbon neutral

Waste management expert Wastefile UK is planting nearly 1,000 trees across the UK as part of the battle to reduce CO2 (carbon dioxide) pollution and climate change.

As the importance of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in the UK market increases, the focus is increasingly turning to environmental performance. Wastefile UK recognises the need for CSR to become an integral part of day-to-day operations, and is committed to working closely with customers to ensure the fulfilment of these obligations.

Wastefile UK has extended this commitment to its own operations, by planting a total of 936 trees in woodlands across the UK in a bid to become Carbon Neutral.

The number of trees has been calculated to offset the 192.61 tonnes of CO2 that Wastefile UK emitted into the atmosphere last year, through the company's use of petrol, gas and electricity.

The trees, which will all be species indigenous to the UK, are being planted as part of the Carbonplus+ Programme For Businesses set up by the Woodland Trust, the UK's leading conservation charity.

Wastefile UK is the first Waste Management Company in the UK to commit to the Carbonplus+ programme.

Carbonplus+ invites companies to offset the amount of CO2 they emit into the atmosphere each year with an equivalent amount of trees. It also encourages better route planning, car sharing and converting to greener specification vehicles.

All woodlands created by the Trust are managed to boost plant and animal species, and they can be accessed by the public and used for community events such as tree planting and conservation exercises.

Ben Powis, Environmental and Compliance Officer at Wastefile UK, said the firm would continue to support the Carbonplus+ programme in the future.

“In addition to our own environmental management system (accredited to ISO 14001:94 standard), we are proud to be working with the Woodland Trust and will annually plant enough trees to absorb the CO2 pollution we have emitted into the atmosphere each year.

“We are also delighted that local communities will be able to benefit from the woodlands we are creating.”

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