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Watco Protect, a First Aid for floors

Watco, the UK’s leading manufacturer of industrial strength flooring products, launches Watco Protect, a range of products that will protect, maintain and extend the lifetime of floorings, leaving them looking new for longer.

In business since 1927, Watco offers a wide range of over 65 specialist coatings, concrete repair materials and anti-slip products for floors, steps and ramps to ensure that any workplace remains as safe as possible. Over the years Watco has researched and extended the product range to allow businesses in a diverse range of industries to repair, seal and paint their flooring, maintaining a safe, functional workplace whilst creating an attractive environment.

The launch of Watco Protect is the next step in the evolution of Watco products. A “First Aid for Floors”, the Protect range contains an extensive list of floor care products and a range of absorbents for clearing up potentially harmful spillages. From mopping up minor spills to creating barriers to contain larger spillages, Watco Protect has a product that will deal with the problem. The new Spill Kit Bags will contain everything for fast, effective action against a variety of spillages. A number of the products come in a new tablet format, which are low foaming, convenient and easy to use, and save on storage space.

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