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Wavin group case study

Wavin Group confirms SupaTrak saves money and produces some unexpected benefits that boost business efficiency

Recognising that only real-time location, visibility and reporting could provide the level of customer service the Wavin Group were looking to achieve, the company last year set about researching the market for a suitable vehicle tracking system that could deliver immediate results and would be flexible enough to meet its longer-term plans for full mobile worker synchronisation.

Wavin Group, one of the world's largest manufacturers of plastic pipe systems, supplies its OSMA brand of plastic pipes and fittings to a range of industries where on-time delivery is critical.

In the UK the Chippenham-based company is a leading supplier of above and below ground drainage products to the water industry, and also counts many major utilities, civil and building construction companies amongst its customer base. The pipes and fittings are delivered around the country from Chippenham by a fleet of 31 trucks.

Having looked at a number of vehicle tracking solutions Wavin invited a short list to submit trial proposals, and following these decided that SupaTrak from Swindon-based CMS Global Technologies could meet all its business needs. The contract went live in October 2005.

The benefits in terms of greater operational efficiency and better utilisation of the 31-strong vehicle fleet were immediately apparent, says Phil Hartfield, the person responsible for Wavin Group's transport services.

“We were quickly able to lower contractor costs and save time and money calling drivers for a situation update.

“Having used the system for a while now, we have also derived a couple of unexpected benefits as well. We can use SupaTrack to help ensure our drivers are not breaking the law and to direct them to the exact point of delivery on large sites.

“The system's comprehensive reporting and historic functions are accurate enough to be able to determine the speed a vehicle is travelling and with interpolation even its rate of acceleration, which could possibly be used as evidence in a court of law to defend an accusation of speeding.

“In addition, when we have deliveries to very large building sites it is not always clear what the right location is within the site. We have found a way to overcome this by plotting the delivery post code given by the customer and then talking the driver into the exact spot, which can save up to an hour a day on the delivery schedule and a great deal of driver frustration,” he adds.

SupaTrak, which uses CMS' unique OWP (Open Wireless Platform), is fast proving an ideal way for companies to monitor and control their mobile assets. User friendly but also cost effective – all inclusive prices start from less than £1 per day with no ties to long-term contracts – it updates a vehicle's location every 60 seconds and can be configured to provide Europe-wide location at 30-second intervals.

Linked to a web browser UK mapping system that ensures all vehicles are visible at all times and providing the user with unlimited access to mapping, along with comprehensive reporting facilities that include start/stop and historic 'snail trail' functions, the basic SupaTrak solution offers most of the things the modern transport operator wants to track his fleet.

But there is much more to SupaTrak than vehicle tracking, and when linked with other options, a company's existing collection devices and back office systems, it becomes a totally integrated and secure system that can be used to perform many other operational tasks, notably mobile worker security, trailer tracking, load temperature sensing and data recording.

Commenting on the company's choice of SupaTrak, Phil Hartfield says: “Operational service levels are key to providing the highest standards of customer service, and although cost is always a factor we needed a tracking solution that was both simple to operate and flexible enough to be incorporated into the second phase of our mobility platform, which will see full mobile worker synchronisation.

“We are very pleased with the system and the customers we have shown it to have been impressed. SupaTrak is delivering everything we hoped for in a vehicle tracking system and more. We have several plans to integrate it into the business that should provide even greater benefits and I am confident that in time it will also assist us in our duty of care to our remote workers,” he adds.

For further information contact Century Public Relations (Tel: 024 7622 8881).

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