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Weather Proof external racking is Cost effective storage

External cantilever racking with weather protection installed by Pro-Dek Storage Systems has provided additional cost-effective storage capacity without building work for specialist materials stockholder Righton Ltd.

Existing warehouses on Righton's Brook Vale Road site in Birmingham, where customers' orders are picked, were already full to capacity with its expanding range of products. The external racking structures with roofs and tarpaulin curtains installed by Pro-Dek have protected the products and also given each one a separate specific location, which has increased picking efficiency.

Altogether, three sections of single-sided racking, 4.5 metres high and totalling 75 metres in length, have been installed at the site. All of them have plastic-coated steel profile roofs that are 1800mm deep and extend 800mm beyond the racking arms. Tarpaulin curtains on the fronts and sides, divided into sections for easy access, run in tracks at the top and bottom, with adjustable elastic straps keeping them taut. The curtaining and roofs are finished in Righton's corporate colours.

Racking columns are at 1200mm centres, and materials are stored on 1000mm-long arms individually rated to support a uniformly distributed load of 750kg. The arms are bolted to the columns, which provides very secure fixing while allowing adjustment in 150mm increments to suit products of different types and dimensions.

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