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WeeeCare the first to guarantee the cost of WEEE

With the new WEEE directive coming into force today, WeeeCare has set out its stall by being the first company to clearly state the costs involved with the removal and recycling of electrical and electronic waste for businesses and producers.

Companies who had been concerned with the possible huge bill involved with meeting this new law can relax, as costs through WeeeCare’s leading UK compliance scheme are as little as £6 per tonne. Hundreds of pounds less than many companies have been quoting.
The WEEE directive will result in additional, sometimes significant, costs being incurred by European electrical equipment producers and importers. The UK government’s estimate for the UK alone is from £217 million per annum to £455 million per annum.
Individual producers need to know now how much this is likely to cost them in order to plan for the future and avoid selling new products at a loss. To ensure minimal outlay for producers, and to help them decide which scheme to enrol with, WeeeCare was keen to be upfront and transparent about its costs.
Commented Kevin Bray, Acting Chief Executive of WeeeCare: “Our aim is to help producers and manufacturers by providing a cost effective and responsible compliance scheme. We are the only company to guarantee the cost of businesses WEEE obligation in 2007. And instead of some of the figures which have been banded about, we are providing our service from £6 per tonne, with an average cost at £9 per tonne for Business to Business Producers.”
Time is counting down to the deadline for producers to sign up to a compliance scheme. Businesses must join a Producer Compliance Scheme (PCS) by 15th March 2007. This can be a worry for many producers who are not aware of the costs of schemes they are signing up to. WeeeCare can guarantee your costs and they will be low. Unlike most other compliance Schemes, they have their own recycling plants and collection facilities throughout the UK, and over 20 years experience of waste management, through sister company WasteCare.
If the bottom line is important to your business make sure you join a compliance scheme that is structured, clear and low cost. WeeeCare.com has confirmed the low costs of meeting your obligations for business to business WEEE. It is, so far, the only proposed compliance scheme to announce a firm cost for 2007 – from £6 per tonne.
Bray continued: “WeeeCare have the most effective and most cost efficient collection and treatment process in the UK. We can guarantee that your cost of compliance will be substantially less if you join the WeeeCare Producer Compliance Scheme than it will be with anyone else.”
If you are an EEE producer and care about your bottom line, contact www.WeeeCare.com or call 0844 800 2004 and save a small fortune.

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