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Weidenhammer composite paperboard packaging and plastic packaging in focus at FachPack

The Weidenhammer Packaging Group will be present at this year’s FachPack (28-30 September 2010) as a packaging manufacturer with two key business segments: composite paperboard packaging and plastic packaging based on in-mold labeling technology (IML). In Hall 5, Stand 5-345, Europe’s market leader in durable, attractively labeled consumer packaging will be presenting the best of both worlds with the company’s standard product range plus a series of new packaging solutions. While the all-round composite can with a peel-off top and other new closure technologies expands the range for dry products, the Weidenhammer PermaSafe and other innovative IML packaging introduces brand new designs for fresh products.

The Weidenhammer Packaging Group (WPG) was present for the first time with its own exhibition stand in Nuremberg at FachPack 2006. This marked the introduction of the company’s new plastics division, Weidenhammer Plastic Packaging (WPP). In 2010, just four years after its debut, WPP is a rapidly growing Weidenhammer business unit and the FachPack trade show has become a fixed date for both of the Weidenhammer packaging divisions based in Hockenheim, Germany. "FachPack is a great opportunity for us to present our versatile packaging solutions to new and existing customers. It also gives us a chance to introduce important innovations from both of our divisions," said Weidenhammer Packaging Group CEO Ralf Weidenhammer. "When it comes to composite cans, the company’s core business segment, and plastic products, our focus is on supplying durable, attractively labeled packaging designed to ensure marketing benefits in the retail sector and at the same time offer consumers maximum convenience."

Composite cans: Versatile standard products with added benefits
Weidenhammer composite cans are among the safest, most versatile packaging products for moisture-sensitive dry goods. At FachPack, WPG is presenting an innovative portfolio of packaging solutions for a wide variety of products ranging from snacks to instant beverages, fish food, tobacco and other non-food products. "Our EvoCan and SnackCan are genuine high-tech products. Not only are they extremely versatile when it comes to design and layout, they also provide excellent sealing properties to protect the package contents," explains Rolf Regelmann, WPG executive in charge of Weidenhammer sales. "We continuously develop our packaging to create new formats and shapes. At the same time, we focus on key aspects including aroma and freshness along with customer convenience."

The right cap often plays an important role. WPG manufactures several hundred million lids and shaker tops each year – from basic snap-on caps to complex shaker attachments. Many of them are custom-made solutions for a specific product designed to safeguard the contents and offer significant consumer benefits. Examples include a sugar mill with a shaker top specially developed by WPG for powdered sugar products. This standard dispenser is a ready-to-use utensil for the table that eliminates the need to transfer the product to a different container and also has a built-in sieve. Weidenhammer powdered sugar dispensers have become very popular in consumer households. They also play an important role in repositioning the product at the point-of-sale. "What counts is an intelligent, tailor-made concept," Regelmann says. "With the right cap, good packaging becomes excellent packaging that attracts attention on the supermarket shelf and is a welcome addition on the consumer’s table."

A new peel-off top solution designed to open up new product segments for the composite can is being presented for the first time at the FachPack in Nuremberg. The easy-peel cap with ring pull is similar to the familiar top on metal cans – and it works just as effectively. Above all, the new closure provides an airtight seal. "This makes the composite can ideal for powdered milk and other perishable products for which it was unsuitable in the past," Regelmann explains. "Our composite can with peel-off top offers a high-quality, cost-effective and environment-friendly alternative to metal – with the added benefit that customers already know how it works."

WPP: Fresh design for fresh products
Weidenhammer Plastic Packaging specializes in packaging solutions for fresh products. FachPack is where the Weidenhammer plastic packaging division based in Zwenkau, Germany, is presenting its portfolio of innovative products for use inside and outside the refrigerator section. The focus at WPP is entirely on high-quality finishing based on IML technology, which combines package manufacturing and labeling into one step. "This results in convenience packaging with a fresh new design that stands out at the point-of-sale and attracts the attention of new consumer groups," says WPP Sales Director Andreas Rothschink. "We develop our packaging in close cooperation with each individual customer. This process starts with the initial concept, continues with 3-D animations and top-quality prototypes, and ends with market-ready packaging."

Weidenhammer packaging shape and design options are practically unlimited. The spectrum of WPP packages range from basic plastic trays to elaborately labeled portion packaging. Bautzner mustard and Rios brand ice cream are sold in packaging "made in Zwenkau" – along with the refrigerated ready-to-eat Schubeck meals introduced to the market in June, and new sausage products from Rügenwalder Mühle. The usage profile for Weidenhammer’s reinvented can continues to grow. Müller’s homemade sausage was introduced as the first product sold in Weidenhammer PermaSafe packaging in November 2009. Packaging tests are currently being conducted for several other potential customers.

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