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Weidenhammer packs Rügenwalder Teewurst

A modern design for a classic sandwich spread made by "Rügenwalder Mühle" was introduced in March. The product is packed in high-quality plastic containers with in-mould labelling (IML) made by Weidenhammer Plastic Packaging (WPP). The plastics division of the Weidenhammer Packaging Group (WPG) developed a special technique for integrating a seamless ‘all-round’ IML label in a single step. This makes it possible to apply IML technology for a type of labelling that was previously only possible with thermoformed containers and sleeve labels.

"Rügenwalder Teewurst" by Rügenwalder Mühle has been one of Germany’s most popular sausage products since 1903. This spicy, spreadable sausage is based on a time-honored Pomeranian recipe that has been continuously improved over the years. Today, "Rügenwalder Teewurst" by Rügenwalder Mühle is available in five varieties ranging from the traditional "coarse" or "fine", to "green pepper", "light" and "poultry". The range of packaging has also grown. In 2005, Rügenwalder Mühle started marketing its sausage products in stay-fresh cups with caps based on a thermoforming process. This form of packaging uses a modern design that is resealable and keeps the meat fresh and aromatic.

In-mould labelling replaces thermoform packaging
"Rügenwalder Teewurst" by Rügenwalder Mühle in the new IML packaging made by WPP has been on supermarket shelves since early March. For the first time, advanced IML process enables seamless integration of side and bottom labels without edges in a single step. This label design was previously only possible with thermoformed containers and sleeve labels. The new container bottom is practically flat. This makes it easier for consumers to remove the product completely without waste. "In some respects, we re-invented the in-mould labelling process to meet Rügenwalder Mühle’s specifications," explains WPP Sales Director Andreas Rothschink. This was no simple task for WPP. Although the IML process makes it possible to combine manufacturing and labelling in one step, the side and bottom labels required two separate sections resulting in a distinct edge on the container. The challenge for WPP was to solve this problem on the new product package.

The IML process developed by WPP makes it possible to integrate a seamless, all-round label in a single step while retaining the soft contour of the bottom that is standard with thermoformed packaging. The IML container offers greater design freedom with the same "hand finished" look and feel.

Rügenwalder Mühle was sold on the advanced IML concept developed by WPP. In mid-February Weidenhammer Plastic Packaging started manufacturing 125-gram plastic containers for the sausage product in a special production facility at the company’s plant in Zwenkau, Germany.

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