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Weima UK launch new SMARTY E80 rectangular briquetting press

Weima UK are launching the new SMARTY E80 rectangular briquetting press specifically designed to provide companies that only produce a small amount of wood shaving waste with an economical rectangular briquetting solution without high investment costs.

The newly developed SMARTY E80 briquetting press will suit the requirements of smaller wood processing companies, so now a cost effective briquetting solution is also available to the market sector that processes lower volumes.

It goes without saying that rectangular briquettes significantly simplify the entire handling process as well as provide better storage. The high density briquette 80 x 40 mm results in a bio fuel that burns slowly and efficiently to give maximum heat output.

The SMARTY E80 briquetting press benefits from some innovative design concepts, it is very robust and has been designed for long working life. It has for example a high performance pressing mechanism with rigid, low wear claws and a pre-compressing unit with a cylinder. A PLC manages the control of the briquetting process a facility that is normally only found on much larger machine designs.

The SMARTY E80 also offers an option of an on/off monitoring system, enabling fully automatic operation.
The throughput performance of the machine is approx. 40 kg/h, making it ideally suited to process small quantities of wood shaving waste that typically arise in smaller companies.

In principle, any type of shredded paper and cardboard with a residual moisture content of less than 18 percent can be briquetted. The material is fed via a round storage hopper of 800 mm diameter. The conical shape of the hopper, which opens at the bottom, prevents the material from "bridging" and not entering the compressor.

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