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When Welconstruct Customer Solutions was given the contract to turn an old factory into a modern 9,000 square metre distribution centre for ChoicesUK, it not only needed to ensure that the distribution centre would work efficiently but also that staff picking product on the mezzanine floor could continue to work during the heat of the summer when inside temperatures would reach in excess of 30C. The solution came with a Breezair Evaporative Cooling System, from Seeley International (Europe), and the system has reduced inside temperatures to a comfortable 22C, even on the hottest day.

ChoicesUK is one of the largest home entertainment chains in the UK, with 190 stores nationwide. Its stores sell and rent a wide range of DVDs and games as well as selling CDs, sweets, drinks and ice cream. The company's website, launched in 1998, sells a wide range of music, DVDs, games and mobile phones. Continuing expansion of both its stores and website necessitated the company acquiring additional storage close to the company's headquarters in Peterborough.

Once Welconstruct had fitted out the warehouse with a 5,300 square metre mezzanine floor, offices and racking on both the ground and mezzanine floor, it turned its attention to cooling. Welconstruct offered ChoicesUK the options of air conditioning, a ventilation system or Breezair. The company settled on the Breezair option after rejecting air conditioning as prohibitively expensive to install and run and a ventilation system as inappropriate for the building.

Having already installed Breezair evaporative cooling into a previous warehouse installation, Welconstruct was already aware of Breezair's cost effective cooling capabilities. Simon Wilkins, a Project Manager at Welconstruct surveyed the site and calculated that 23 Breezair coolers installed onto the roof of the warehouse complex would provide sufficient cooling to overcome high summer temperatures thereby ensuring that the 300 personnel could continue working right through summer.

“First and foremost we needed to think about staff welfare on the top mezzanine floor, as we did not want to have to shut down the upper floor when temperatures became intolerably high”, said Jay Wiggins, Logistics Director at ChoicesUK. “Breezair evaporative cooling is a first rate system for a number of reasons. It provides cooled fresh air as well as natural ventilation and in addition to being cost effective it was quick and easy to install, maintenance is minimal and it is also environmentally friendly”.

The Breezair Evaporative Cooling System covers all essential areas within the warehouse complex including the storage, picking and packing environments. The system has been configured so that the 4-way plenums direct fresh cooled air into the picking and packing areas. Although only installed on the first floor, on hot summer days the cool air continues to flow on and down to the ground floor to help reduce temperatures there as well.

At the heart of the Breezair installation is Seeley International's unique Industrial Wall Controller (IWC-05) that controls the 23 Breezair coolers through its two main operating modes, “local” and “external”. Using the remote sensor supplied, the IWC-05 monitors the indoor temperature and humidity, automatically increasing or decreasing the fan speed, and starting and stopping the pump to maintain comfort. The “external” mode of the controller has been fully integrated into the facility's BMS Control system. Should any of the Breezair coolers develop a fault, it is immediately identified by the IWC-05, which provides comprehensive fault diagnostics enabling any cooler to be quickly repaired.

“The system is working very, very efficiently”, concluded Jay Wiggins “As it is single phase it is very economic to run and the bill for water was less than £300 for the year.”

The cooling system is housed in a simple, clean, ultra-modern designed plastic casing, specially developed to withstand all weather conditions; the Breezair's state-of-the-art components include an amazing world-patented water distribution system, which delivers continuous, balanced water coverage to all the heat exchanger pads. The patented system ensures maximum cooling efficiency and minimal maintenance problems.

An innovatively designed, aerodynamic fan provides a constant even flow of air over the heat exchanger pads to provide a welcome cool breeze with minimal noise and low energy consumption. Other pioneering components include a highly efficient water pump that guarantees constant and reliable cooling when most needed, and a long lasting variable speed motor that gives maximum comfort level control.

“As the price of warehousing soars, more and more businesses are looking for ways of maximising space”, said Simon Wilkins. “In many instances this means utilising available headroom with the installation of a mezzanine floor. As hot air rises, working at the top of a warehouse becomes extremely uncomfortable for staff in summer and high temperatures can also have an adverse affect on some products. Breezair provides a cost effective solution to this problem”.

The Breezair is suitable for both commercial and industrial applications in a wide spectrum of industries. Manufactured to the highest standards, the Breezair is backed by Seeley International's 35 years of experience in climate control and the company's commitment to excellence in customer service.

About Seeley International (Europe) Seeley International is an innovative global leader in the design and manufacture of portable and ducted natural climate control solutions for the home, commercial and industrial markets. The company's award-winning air conditioning products are sold in more than 60 countries under the Breezair and Convair brands. A strong focus on research and development – over £2 million spent annually – ensures Seeley meets its corporate mission of leading the industry through continuous innovation and technological advancements to ensure its products are the finest evaporative coolers in the world.

About Welconstruct Customer Solutions Welconstruct Customer Solutions is a division of Welconstruct Group Ltd a leading distribution, service and manufacturing group established in 1945. Welconstruct Customer Solutions designs and implements workspace, supply chain, environmental and cleanroom solutions thereby overcoming production, storage, materials handling and infrastructure problems. It operates either as a principal contractor to clients or in partnership with construction companies, engineering contractors or system integrators.

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