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West Mercia Keep Code Serve on the Rails

West Mercia keep Code Serve on the rails

As the country moves into a new and uncertain period, it has never been more important to ensure that the various industries that fuel our economy find new and innovative ways to work together, providing each other with the help and support we need to survive and thrive in what will inevitably prove to be turbulent times. It is in the spirit of this acknowledgement that West Mercia wishes to celebrate the new and exciting business partnership they have struck with new customer, Code Serve.

Having enjoyed reputations of expertise within their respective industries, it only makes sense that these two companies should have come to such an excellent working arrangement, based initially on the provision of very specific services. As West Mercia is an enterprise which focuses on collaborating with only the most distinguished partners, it is no surprise they have been Code Serve’s first point of call for assisting them in the execution of their upcoming project.

With a fully qualified workforce trained to the highest standards and having achieved an Execution Level 4 for the manufacture of structural steelwork, which includes extensive welding capabilities and an impressive ISO 9001 Quality System, Code Serve enjoys a well-deserved estimable position in their industry.

The Sandberg third party approval demonstrates the strength of their credentials in their field, and the impressive portfolio of welding procedures which, coupled with their WPQRs, allows their services to extend across a wide range of steel grades, positions and joint configurations.

In preparation for an upcoming project, Code Serve made the decision to reach out to West Mercia in early August with the goal of acquiring a Combi Lift C14000. This would be based around a short-term hire totalling no more than two months.

This decision for choosing West Mercia for the acquisition of this highly specialised, 14,000kg machine was reached not just due to the fact that West Mercia is one of the only British companies capable of equipping an enterprise with this kind of machinery, but because of West Mercia’s reputation for reliability and quality delivery of service.

Code Serve’s faith in this new partnership with West Mercia can best be summarised in this statement by their spokesperson, speaking in regards to Code Serve’s overall experience with West Mercia during this acquisition process.

‘So impressed with the quality of machine we had from West Mercia, after we finished our project, we were looking at a 10-tonne machine. Again, West Mercia has come up with the goods and we have now purchased a Combilift C11000. I cannot thank West Mercia enough for helping us for the last few months!’

‘It was a pleasure dealing with Code Serve from start to finish, Geraint and Dan were always keen to work with us.’

Both companies no doubt hope that this interaction will lead to further exchanges of goods and services later down the line as they enjoy the benefits of working with such well-respected members of their industry.


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