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Westway Environment Services help major retailers to reduce their dependence on CFC gas

Over the past year or so Westway Services Ltd have been helping some of the
major retailers to reduce their dependence on CFC gas in favor of the
traditional and more acceptable CO2 option.

However, the re-introduction of CO2, carbon dioxide or to use its refrigerant
name R744 is not without its own problems. CO2 runs at very high pressures
unlike the currently used CFC’s, HCFC’s and HFC’s and due to its requirement to
run at high pressures, if it is dispersed through accident or malfunction in the
wrong environment the resulting gas escape can cause serious injury or fatality.
For this reason, very strict protocols have been set in place such as specific
training courses and in the examples of M&S and Sainsbury’s the companies have
insisted engineers can only work or operate their CO2 equipment if they have
attended and passed their company specific CO2 course operated by an approved
training body.

Westway Services currently maintain 3 Marks & Spencer stores ( Epping, Witney
and Cambridge) that have CO2 sub-critical systems and have a number of trained
and highly skilled engineers who have to deliver reactive and maintenance on a
24/7 basis to these stores. Westway Services have repeatedly delivered fast and
efficient repairs to these stores including replacing CO2 after it has vented to

For any retail or wholesale business that relies on refrigeration for much of
its stock the changes in legislation can and will make significant differences
to the way that you manage your freezers, cold stores and blast chillers. Only
by engaging the services of a company like Westway can you ensure you are not
only legal but can also be seen to have the duty of care for the environment and
your staff that is now so important.

Established in 2000, Westway Services Limited has enjoyed continued significant
growth, year on year. Westway Services carry out all aspects of works related to
built environments, from design to installation, energy management, reactive and
planned preventative maintenance.

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