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Whale Tankers Molex pump trailer sets to pump up the volume

Whilst Whale Tankers’ Molex pump trailer sets have traditionally proved popular with fire authorities for the pumping of both flood and residue waters at scene incidents, their versatility and power is making them increasingly popular across the customer base of the Solihull-based manufacturer of high quality vacuum tankers and jetting equipment.

Featuring the powerful Molex branded progressive cavity pump and designed and manufactured to be equally adept where end use applications involve the handling of heavily laden or viscous liquids and sludges, Whale has recently fulfilled an order for two new units.

In addition to supplying its first pump trailer set to Industrial Water Jetting Systems (IWJS) – a division of leading oil and environmental services specialists, Adler & Allan Group – Severn Trent Water has also invested in an additional unit, taking its pump trailer set fleet to more than 20. Adler & Allen’s IWJS operation is currently deploying the pump trailer set to satisfy a six month contract in Southern Ireland. Operating at a power station in Tarbert, County Kerry, the trailer set is being used to pump heavy bunker fuel oil. Severn Trent on the other hand is using the equipment for the transfer of sewage sludge at pumping farms.

Commenting on the decision to specify Whale, Adler & Allan Group Buyer, Nick Andrews said: "Whilst we are already familiar with Whale’s Molex pump, this is the first time we have deployed one as part of a pump trailer set. In addition to satisfying the needs of the current contract in Southern Ireland, we now have a piece of equipment that basically means we can move almost whatever we want, wherever we want and whenever we want. This is largely down to the ability of the Molex pump to handle all manner of liquids, from water to heavily laden sewage etc.

"We enjoy a very good working relationship with Whale Tankers. They supply reliable products, are great to deal with and offer a competitively priced and efficient parts programme," he added.

And as Whale Tankers’ Vanpacks, Hot Jetting & Used Sales Manager, Steve Evans adds: "The difference in end use between IWJS and Severn Trent demonstrates how versatile pump trailer sets are. In addition to being extremely manoeuvrable, they certainly pack a punch when it comes to delivering economical pumping power."


Designed and manufactured for extremely arduous operating conditions, Whale’s pump trailer sets have at their heart the powerful and reliable Molex progressive cavity pump. Fitted to a 910 kg GVW trailer unit constructed from galvanised steel and featuring a 1500 kg heavy-duty axle, the pump is capable of delivering pressure up to six bar (90psi) with a flow rate up to 1350 litres per minute (18,000 gallons per hour).

Translating into a suction lift capability exceeding eight metres and the ability to lift liquids containing 20 per cent more solids, pump trailer sets are suitable for a variety of end use applications, including sewage and heavy industrial sludge removal, emergency flood water pumping, lagoon drainage, pumping of agricultural slurries and the effective movement of barely viscous liquids. Furthermore, as flow rate is directly proportional to pump speed, simple dosing duties can be performed with ease.

Complete with an built-in clutch unit with manual override facility and throttle allowing variable speed for process control, pump trailer sets require minimal maintenance and are powered by Perkins’ 1.9 litre diesel engines. An electrically powered model can also be supplied.

In addition to being supplied as an integral part of a pump trailer set, the Molex pump is widely specified on tanker units for loading, transfer or spreading. Built for heavy-duty performance, the Molex progressive pump has an eccentric helical rotor that creates positive displacement without the need for valves.

Due to its large suction chamber and offset driveshaft, the pump can handle solids up to 50mm diameter. The unit also has a large inspection cover for easy access. The pump has a heavy duty bearing to transmit the drive load, and a rotor and rubber stators which are easily changeable depending on application.

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