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Whale Tankers tests on pressure / vacuum tankers now being trialled using WHALEInspection portable computer technology

Whale Tankers is continuing down the innovation route, this time in relation to how its inspection arm, WHALEInspection, carries out legally required tank tests on pressure/vacuum tankers. Representing a significantly enhanced service offering, tank tests carried out by WHALEInspection are now being trialled using the latest in-the-field portable computer technology.

The new service aims to replace what has, until now, been a paper driven system, and follows the Solihull-based manufacturer of high quality vacuum tankers and jetting equipment’s service department having recently introduced myWhaleFleet – a secure web-based facility that enables customers to manage their fleets online.

WHALEInspection’s 23-strong team of externally audited Inspection Engineers are being equipped with rugged, tablet notebooks to carry out all tank test procedures. Menu driven and with the use of on-screen prompts, information collected in real time during the testing process is now capable of being relayed back to Whale’s 4-strong team of in-house analysis engineers almost instantly via mobile phone card.

Comments Whale Tanker’s Engineering Manager, Andy Ellis: "The new system that we are trialling represents a quantum leap forward when it comes to reducing the time it takes to complete the tank test procedure from start to finish, whilst also reducing the potential incidence of human error in the reporting process. It will be possible, for example, for us to provide feedback to the Inspection Engineer, if needed, whilst he is still onsite. Under the previous paper system this simply wasn’t possible. What’s more, upon successful completion of the tank test, it should be possible to create all relevant documents in pdf format almost immediately, certainly the same day."

Concluding, he added: "All in all, the new system will not only enable us to ensure that Whale Tankers’ customers comply efficiently with all required tank test legislation, they can remain confident that their pressure vessels are safe to operate."

Should evaluation of the tank test data collected onsite meet all necessary requirements, WHALEInspection customers will receive email notification that certification has been completed and the information will be posted onto myWhaleFleet for download purposes, if required.

Whilst the new system is only just being trialled, the WHALEInspection team is already working on future releases of the tank test software to enable Whale’s Inspection Engineers to call-up a suite of required drawings relating to the vehicle’s circuits and equipment.

WHALEInspection was appointed an Inspection Body and an Appointed Person by the Department of Transport in 2007. At the same time they also received accreditation by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) as a type ‘C’ inspection body. Under the accreditations, WHALEInspection not only undertakes tank test services, they can author, review and approve Written Schemes related to the relevant legislation. Operating independently to Whale Tankers’ established service operation, WHALEInspection provides customers with access to the highest quality tank-testing services in the industry.

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