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Whale unveils new MVC UNIMOG Demount concept

Continuing its progressive new product development programme, Whale Tankers has unveiled a new Demountable Whale that sees the company’s popular Medium Volume Combination (MVC) Unit swap body now available on a 16 tonne Mercedes Unimog 4×4 chassis.

Providing Whale with the capability to expand the range of its demountable products to include an off road capability, the entire range now covers from 5 to 26 tonnes GVW. This latest MVC/Unimog combination unit serves as an ideal solution for operators looking to maximise fleet utilisation all year round. It will also have universal appeal amongst existing Unimog fleet operators.

Designed and engineered primarily as a go anywhere 4 x 4 emergency response unit, the advanced features now incorporated within Whale’s MVC make it not only an optimum solution for emptying pits and clearing drain blockages in less accessible locations, but also for a wide range of routine work.

As Whale’s Managing Director, Mark Warmington comments: "The new MVC/Unimog is an exciting addition to what is an already comprehensive Demountable Whale product range and one that we know many operators are keen to introduce to their fleets as a means of realising greater all year round capital utilisation. In addition to being available as a combination unit, it can also be supplied purely as a JETVac or VacuumWhale."

Not surprisingly, the MVC/Unimog has a number of key features that will deliver real and tangible benefits in any operational environment.

The Mercedes Unimog U500 16000kg 3900mm w/b. 286 hp Euro V chassis is equipped with hydrostatic drive and Unimog Body Demount System, allowing operators to use various types of body with a single chassis, thus negating the need to purchase a chassis for each application.

Commenting on the new partnership, Mark Hopkins, Unimog Sales Director Mercedes Benz UK Ltd said: "It’s great to be working with Whale, enabling us to add another range of interesting body applications to our already very versatile product further increasing its year round utilisation. We are now in a position to demonstrate to our customers the benefits of this combination of great products."

Capacity comes in the form of a 5850 litre tank with 2700 litres for water jetting and resealing. A 3150 litre dirty water compartment with stainless steel lining helps semi solid debris removal when tipping off. Also incorporated is a 300-degree rotation 5" gully boom with boom jets. The boom can be used both sides and rear, whilst jets clean pots via the down pipe.

The dangers associated with Hand Arm Vibration and High Impact Shock is also reduced due to the incorporation of Whale’s in-house designed gully boom control handle. The use of glass filled nylon outer handles, anti vibration polymers and rubber blocks reduces impact by 60%. This takes in the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999,s A10 and the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992,s A10.

Jetting performance is 120lpm @ 120bar for up to 24" drains pipes, and 100m of ¾" rear hose and 30m ½" side jetting hose is featured as standard. Also incorporated is jetting safe start and soft start. Electronic set up means hand lance start and jetting are pre set at lower levels to reduce and eliminate kick back and excess pressure at start up.

Furthermore, a Mistral 402 vacuum/pressure pump providing 245 cfm free air with ballast port cooling gives continuously rated vacuum and pressure pump performance. Constructed to SI 2000 No 128 reg and complies with The Pressure Systems Regulations SI 1999 2001 97/23 EC.

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