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World’s first wrinkle problem solved

Non-destructive x-ray measurement of “Wrinkle”. 3DX-RAY has solved the problem of measuring the “Wrinkle” in cans without destroying them.

Wrinkle has a seriously effect on the tightness, or sea,l of a can and the only traditional solution has been to cut open the seal on a proportion of the cans on any production line.

Traditional measurements are difficult, subjective and “made-by-eye” by experienced inspectors. 3DX-RAY's new system uses innovative 3D x-ray technology to give a non-subjective, accurate and non-destructive measurement.

“We are absolutely delighted to have solved this industry problem,” said Managing Director Nick Fox, “Wrinkle has bedevilled the industry since the first tin can plant was opened in Victorian times. Nowadays billions of cans are produced world-wide each year and the only way of testing them has been to cut them open one at a time. Our system can be built into a production line and should lead to a step change improvement in quality and seal.”

The new wrinkle measurement system is based on the company's MDXi x-ray system, which is already used internationally for measurement and non-destructive testing across a variety of industrial and FMCG environments.

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