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Worlds second greatest invention’ says American TV star

American TV chat show star Jay Leno has called Stertil Koni wireless mobile column lifts ‘the second greatest invention in the world after the wheel’, on his popular online web show Jay Leno’s Garage.

The Emmy Award-winning web series, which has over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube, showcases Tonight Show host Jay Leno’s passion for all things automotive.

Featuring a wide variety of topics from classic cars to supercars, restoration projects to road tests, a ‘webisode’ dedicated to demonstrating Stertil Koni’s wireless column lifts was aired in June 2013.

The TV star tested the unique capabilities of Stertil Koni wireless vehicle lifts by raising his 1941 American LeFrance fire truck, which weighs in at 14 tonnes, to a workable height. Stertil Koni’s innovative column lifts are among the fastest in the world and, with a range of up to 17,500kg lifting capacity per column, they are also one of the most versatile.

Jay, alongside Stertil Koni USA Sales Manager Carl Boyer, explained the benefits and flexibility of the products. In particular, he was wowed by the fast and accurate manoeuvring of the columns by a single workshop engineer. This ensures simple positioning of the columns in different configurations around a vehicle depending on its size and weight distribution. Risk of tripping is also removed due to the absence of cables on the workshop floor and, with no power supply required, the system can be used safely both inside and outdoors. Jay was particularly impressed with the greatly extended battery life as the column lift’s batteries can be charged overnight for full operational use and need only be replaced approximately every five years.

Jay was very impressed by the ‘real life’ demonstration and called the Stertil Koni lifts ‘… the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.’ He went on to say they were ‘very cool – a fantastic lift for your garage.’

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