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Worlds’s most skilled workshop personnel ready for Vista 2012 – 2013 final in June

After four weeks of tough semi-finals, 32 teams of workshop personnel from all around the world – including one from the UK – are now ready for the VISTA 2012-2013 World final in Gothenburg, Sweden, June 25th. Originally starting with more than 17,000 people in 4,471 teams from 93 countries, VISTA 2012-2013 is the biggest competition of its kind in the world.

The championship began last September with the first of three rounds of theoretical questions, which teams completed in their respective workshops. The best teams then qualified for regional semi-finals, which were held in Madrid (Spain), Curitiba (Brazil), Sydney (Australia) and Greensboro (USA) in April. In the semi-finals the teams were tested on their ability to diagnose technical problems and find solutions to specific issues.

"The commitment and level of skill those teams showed during the semi-finals was exceptional," says Jessica Lindholm, VISTA Project Manager. "We’re very fortunate to have such dedicated people working with our aftermarket services, where they interact with our customers on a daily basis."

The purpose of VISTA is to develop and improve employees’ knowledge and skills and to improve Volvo’s aftermarket customer services. It is both a huge competence development training event and a competition – at the same time.

"No matter how much experience they have beforehand, by taking part in VISTA our employees learn new skills and acquire new knowledge," says Claes Nilsson, president of Volvo Trucks. "VISTA 2012-2013 has already seen more than 17,000 people undergo extra training, which will have a direct positive impact in our workshops globally."

Representing the UK are ‘MC Hammers’ from MC Truck & Bus of West Thurrock, who qualified from their semi-final in Madrid with 89 points out of a possible 95 points !

"Almost 40 per cent of our workforce is in aftersales and VISTA is a great way to ensure that we have the right competence for the key people who we trust to take care of our customers" says Ulf Magnusson, Managing Director for Volvo Trucks in the UK & Ireland. "It is also a great way of acknowledging the vital role that teams like MC Hammers play in our total product offer".

The VISTA 2012-2013 world final will be held June 25th at the Volvo Trucks global training centre in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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