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Would your business cope with the loss of critical data?

Running and maintaining the IT infrastructure of a business is often viewed as an expensive but necessary evil. Despite the need for proper attention and investment many organisations delay financial outlay on IT equipment. This can have catastrophic consequences such as the loss of data.

Would your business cope with the loss of critical data? Client records, accounts, contact database, personnel! It doesn't bear thinking about.
Year on year thousands of companies go into liquidation after a loss of data. Normal data loss is not unusual however natural disasters can have a far greater impact. Recent statistics show that 80% of businesses who have experienced a fire or flood go bust within a year, not good news for the flood affected areas of the last two years.

Dedicated business servers are the safe and solid foundation from which networks grow. Entry level and mid range servers may not be as costly as you think and you might be surprised to learn that there are options available that allow you to reduce your TCO throughout your IT infrastructure.

Entry level servers are available from around £1500.00 rising to approximately £5000.00 for a good mid-range system. In many cases these costs will not be included in a budget and are therefore seen as an additional overhead, even though your money will provide a quick return in terms of productivity alone.
Andy Coughlan, Managing Director of server specialists Trojan Solutions states “Many businesses put off investing in a server until it's too late. They are wary of the initial cost and what they perceive as being hefty maintenance charges. In addition to straight forward sales of equipment we are able to create bespoke solutions where clients can rent their server, and include maintenance for a fixed monthly fee. These packages are available with full maintenance and repair from as little as £250 a month”

Dean Spencer, Managing Director of Grapevine Group adds “Our business is geared towards effectively sharing information between users and sites. Our Consultants dial into the server remotely to access client files. Rental systems are few and far between and for us it's an easy option to help cash flow and avoid peaks in maintenance, upgrade and repair charges.”

Server rental starts at around £250 a month, including maintenance and repair. A mid range system would be available from around £750 a month.

For more information on server rental visit www.trojansolutions.co.uk.

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