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Yale announces new addition to AC powered order pickers range

Yale Europe Materials Handling has announced two new additions to its range of AC powered low level order pickers.

The MO20 and MO20S have both been designed to provide the highest levels of performance and operator comfort.

At the heart of the new models is a 4kW AC traction motor, a CANbus communication system and a dual technology (AC and DC) Combi controller.

A 4kW AC motor, which is easily accessible to reduce maintenance costs, powers the machines and delivers a travel speed of 12.5km/h. In comparison with previous DC powered models, the new machines achieve significant performance gains, while higher torque when the truck changes direction and powerful regenerative and reverse braking are also noteworthy features.

Meanwhile, the sophisticated CANbus communication system and the Combi controller work together to allow functions such as steering, traction and hydraulics to be centrally controlled. As a result, thermal protection is improved and data transmission and fault diagnostics functions are enhanced. In essence this means that truck maintenance time and running costs are cut significantly. Over the course of a truck's life-time, the economic benefits are particularly impressive.

To ensure that the operator remains comfortable and therefore capable of working at optimum efficiency throughout his or her shift, the new models incorporate a number of special features.

Electric steering makes operating the machines effortless while a new wider and longer padded operator platform together with a high and strong back-rest offers high shock absorption and extra protection against impact. A low level entry step also helps to keep the operator fresh.

An interesting safety feature is the truck's ability to slow down automatically when cornering. It does this by analysing the travel speed and the position of the steering wheel and instinctively adjusting its travel speed accordingly.

Order picking at the second level of a storage system can be undertaken efficiently with the MO20S thanks to an elevating operator platform that uses simple push button controls to raise the worker to the required level.

The new machines are produced at the company's manufacturing plant at Masate in Italy and are the latest additions to the extensive range of warehouse and counterbalance forklift trucks offered by Yale.


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