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Yale demonsrates customisation capabilities

When choosing new materials handling equipment it is vital to purchase a product that meets the application requirements. There are times however when a standard product can not meet the specific requirements and a specially engineered product has to be designed.

Yale consistently demonstrates to its customers its commitment to providing the product they need, often by designing a customised truck. In the case of a major company supplying chipboard to furniture manufacturer production lines, this was the case.

Together with authorised dealer, Stapler Center Pieckert in Empfingen, Germany, Yale has designed a truck based on the Yale MR reach truck. Instead of a standard mast the truck features a new 3,000kg lifting device.

The modification allows the smooth chipboard to be placed on driven roller conveyors, which then passes them to stationary belts in the production facility. The truck, which is now 4,000mm long and 1,700mm wide, has hydraulic clamps that hold the chipboard securely as it is being transported.

Equipped with an 840Ah battery for multiple-shift use the truck can be operated by one operator who also controls and monitors all the truck functions on four different displays.

In addition to having to modify the steelwork, all the functions of the truck, sensors and limit switches in the CANbus control system had to be redesigned. The truck has now been in service for over six months and is expected to operate for around 2,800 hours per year.

Karsten Pieckert, who led the customisation project, said: "Within Yale’s comprehensive equipment portfolio there is often a standard product that can be developed for particularly demanding applications. It’s one of the strengths of the Yale product. Yale trucks are built to last using industrial type components. They are dependable and reliable and that’s why we are a Yale Dealer . . . quality counts.

"And with customers operating in such a wide variety of industries demanding ever increasing customisation, having a product that can be tailored to meet a customer’s needs is so important in today’s marketplace.

"Our work with customers throughout the region means that we have experience of many different applications and we can put this to good use when designing bespoke attachments with the Yale engineers to fulfil specific customer requests."

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