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Yale introduce new VNA truck at Manutention

Already a market leader for Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) trucks in the USA and with 10 years experience of manufacturing VNA trucks in Europe, Yale picked Manutention to launch its new range of man-up VNA trucks. There are 7 new models in the range proving Yale is serious about competing in the important VNA market sector. With lift capacities from 1,000 to 1,500 kg and a maximum lift height up to 16.0m the new series is a radically different series of man-up VNA trucks.

Designed for use in European distribution warehouses, the new generation of Yale VNA trucks share the latest AC sealed motor drive technology, CANbus communication, high visibility pantograph operated turret attachment, ergonomics and operator control options that make the new MTC series a truly global VNA truck.

Research indicates that whilst there are market differences in types of operation, all warehouse and distribution companies seek high productivity, reliability, good ergonomics, styling and finish, at the lowest possible cost.

VNA Product Manager Ron Farr said: “Yale Europe has gathered user information and data from across Europe to design and produce 7 new models of man-up VNA truck to exceed customer expectations and outperform the competition”.

30 kW lifting power outperforms the competition.
With 30kW of power standard on its higher capacity machines, Yale can claim the highest productivity from its state-of- the-art technology. Sealed AC motors, powerful acceleration, fast travel/lift speeds and continuous height sensing combine to offer safe, smooth, high performance with precise operator control, thanks to the CANbus networked control system with built-in error detection.

The use of 3 phase AC technology to power the drive, steering and 2 hydraulic lift motors on each truck with positional encodes in each motor, allow real time monitoring of all aspects of the truck's performance and application data under all operating conditions.

Ergonomics win in the operator's cabin.
Yale has invested a considerable amount of time and dedicated resources into searching for the 'truth' to explore exactly what operators want from a state-of-the-art VNA truck. The answer is exceptional ergonomics, where everything the operator sees and touches is harmonised to create a near perfect operating environment. From the large uncluttered floor space to the luxury driver's seat with 20 degrees of side rotation, nothing has been left to chance.

Forward mounted operator controls are adjustable for height, angle and plane, providing the ideal operating position whether working seated, or standing. Every truck function can be controlled without the operator having to reposition the hands. Proportional controls allow absolute control of the truck and turret head, safely performing multiple truck movements simultaneously, under different operating conditions.

Integral pantograph minimises aisle width.
Hidden in the fork carriage, the integral pantograph allows the MTC series to operate in the narrowest of aisles with maximum side operating clearances. An optional zero thickness hydraulic fork spreader means that different pallet sizes can be handled without the operator having to leave the cabin.

The unique turret head design combines the best operating ideas, developed by Yale engineers on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, to produce the compact head dimensions with synchronised fork rotation for accurate operation. A constant graphic display shows the operator the fork location as part of the on-board control system.

CANbus 'CANdo' networked controls.
Benefiting from the latest CANbus electronic communication and control system, the MTC series of VNA trucks from Yale has removed the likely chance of error from malfunctioning components. All sensors, hydraulic actuators and motor controls are networked and constantly monitored for operational efficiency. A built in error detection system ensures that all the truck systems are synchronised, minimising the chance of accidental damage and maximising performance.

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