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Yale secures patents for MP16S Low Noise Pallet Truck.

Silent Nights – with the Yale MP16S Low Noise Pallet Truck
Deliveries at night to retail stores are not popular with local residents trying to sleep,
due to the noise and clatter of pallet trucks running over uneven surfaces.

The situation for a leading Spanish supermarket chain was so bad that they asked Yale to
design and manufacture a much quieter pallet truck. The result is the Yale MP16S
Low Noise powered pallet truck which features a patented triple wheel design and
noise reduction measures.
Engineers at the warehouse equipment development centre in Italy isolated all the
potential noise generating points on the standard pallet truck and developed a
solution for night time deliveries and other applications where noise is a major consideration, with the Yale MP16S Low Noise powered pallet truck.

The solution to the problem was based on noise reduction techniques used by the
automotive industry to produce quieter vehicles. All the mechanical parts used in a
standard pallet truck were analysed. The noise generating points were assessed for
sound deadening treatment, including noise-free magnetic battering cover fastenings,
noise reduction strips to dampen mechanical impact, sound absorbing material on
the motor cover and hydraulic pump and noise absorbing paint applied to the chassis.

Whilst these measures greatly reduced the unwanted noise, the major breakthrough
came with the design for a new offset third wheel running in parallel with the existing
tandem wheels at the front of the forks. The patented design means that the quiet
running wheels are always on the floor surface and cannot drop into the joints
between pavers, concrete blocks or similar uneven surfaces found outside retail

Commenting on the new Low Noise pallet truck, Yale Europe's Andrea Lucchi said:
“The difference in noise levels has to be heard to be believed and has already led to
multiple orders for the new pallet truck from supermarket chains and distribution
companies across Europe.”
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