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Yanmar ViO12-2A power and performance in a compact package

Yanmar ViO12-2A – power and performance in a compact package

When space is at a premium, the Yanmar ViO12-2A mini excavator provides the perfect solution, cutting cycle times to deliver outstanding performance and productivity.

With a total width of just 1,000mm (830mm when the undercarriage is retracted), the ViO12-2A is a true zero tail swing excavator ideally suited to applications including housing foundations, indoor renovations, pipe laying and landscaping.

The ViO12-2A extendable undercarriage is the longest in its class at 1,440 mm, with reduced clearance between the sliding parts minimising the risk of soil build-up when extended. Its unique design means the machine is even more stable with heavy loads or attachments – vital when undertaking tasks such as demolition.

Hinged extensions are mounted directly onto the blade, meaning no tools are needed to alter their position. This ensures zero risk of losing the extensions.

Powered by a Yanmar 3TNV70 diesel engine, the ViO12-2A delivers 9.2 KW net power and 52 Nm maximum torque. Fully-compliant with EU emissions standards, it guarantees clean operation. A generously sized bonnet enables easy access to key engine components, while the filter is accessible via the removable left cover.

Operator comfort and precision are optimised with joysticks on both sides of the seat, delivering best-in-class control of machine movement. The joysticks are the same as those in Yanmar’s heavier mini-excavators, delivering optimised service life with minimal risk of damage and downtime. Meanwhile, the design concept allows the operator to work without having to worry about to the rear of the machine – and with the entire unit weighing just 1,245 kg, the drive is smoother too.

The second travel speed switch, located near the travel levers, is supplied as standard, allowing the machine to move at speeds of up to 4 km/h.

Unlike many excavators on the market, Yanmar’s ViO12-2A features a variable axial pump which adapts flow and pressure to the load, allowing smoother operation and once again enhancing operator comfort. The pump flow of 2 x 11 l/min and 210 bar working pressure optimises machine productivity and speed.

The ViO12-2A delivers a tear-out force of 8.8 kN and a break-out force of 13.9 kN. Overall length is 3040 mm with a height of 2250 mm.

For more information about the Yanmar line-up, including the ViO12-2A, or to find your nearest dealer, visit www.yanmarconstruction.co.uk.

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