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Yardramps offer flexible loading to help manage manufacturing growth

Thorworld Industries believes that the flexibility of mobile yardramps represents the perfect loading and unloading solution for UK manufacturing, as the country records a three-year high in growth.

The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (for Q1 2014) suggest that manufacturing has reached its strongest level since 2011, with further growth predicted. This is great news for manufacturers, yet one aspect of managing growth that is often overlooked is how to deal with the increased strain on logistics.

Thorworld Industries is the market leader in the design and manufacture of mobile yardramps, and its extensive experience has shown many times that firms can underestimate the effect of sudden growth.

“Confidence is returning to UK manufacturing, but that doesn’t only apply to the process of building and selling goods,” explains John Meale, Managing Director of Thorworld Industries. “Companies must also be able to load and unload with confidence, otherwise growth will quickly falter.

“Whether it’s the need to source additional components or other supplies, or simply meeting demand for increased sales, manufacturers quickly notice that their loading and unloading requirements rapidly mount up,” he adds.
A poor logistics infrastructure can lead to bottlenecks in production and despatch, with its attendant cost implications, while it can encourage reckless and unsafe behaviour as warehouse operators are forced to load or unload without proper equipment in place.

While the optimum long-term solution for any manufacturer is to invest in dedicated loading facilities, this is not always an option. “Such significant capital investment is beyond many SMEs and may not even be appropriate, depending on the scale of expected growth,” John Meale points out.

“Furthermore, even when a dedicated loading bay can be justified, short-term solutions must still be considered to maintain efficiency until the installation process is complete.”

It is here that a mobile yardramp can make a significant difference, providing an immediate solution to increase efficiency, enhance safety and save money during vehicle loading and unloading.

Yardramps can be put into position within minutes, offering an immediate means for forklifts to convey goods in and out of trailers. As they are moveable, manufacturers do not have to commit to a fixed position; each yardramp features a built-in towing mechanism for quickly and easily moving the ramp into position. Similarly, speed of set-up is rapid, thanks to a hand-operated hydraulic pump to allow the ramp to be raised up to the required height.

Safety is another aspect where yardramps can make a difference. With a steel superstructure for maximum strength, 1.8m of safety chain on each side to secure the ramp to the vehicle or dock, thus helping to eradicate potentially dangerous vehicle creep, and a serrated open grid deck to ensure positive traction in all weather conditions, operators have peace of mind that forklifts can travel up and down the ramp without fear of accident.

Crucially, yardramps can be rented as well as purchased outright, making them a strong choice for short-term needs such as increased production or where existing facilities cannot be used temporarily. Thorworld’s RentARamp® resource allows customers who may not want the capital outlay associated with buying a ramp to hire one instead. What’s more, there’s a sale or return option available which enables them to spread the cost of ownership or simply continue to hire.

“Yardramps offer the best option for general usage,” confirms John Meale. “To choose a full loading bay may be expensive or impractical, but not investing in any method of loading or unloading compromises efficiency and safety.”

Three standard models are available – Super Deluxe, Deluxe and Thrifty – to suit differing levels of workload and environment. In addition, bespoke models can also be supplied to meet individual requirements, in combination with modular loading dock facilities where required.

Comprehensive service and maintenance back-up is available to ensure that the ramps are always kept in prime operating condition, together with on-site training.

Thorworld is firmly established as one of the foremost designers, manufacturers and suppliers to the loading bay and materials handling sectors and is recognised as both a market leader and innovator in the supply of quality engineered equipment.

Thorworld Industries Ltd,
Tel: 01246 260981,

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