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Yellow Shield environmental control launch new generation of chemical spill kits

Yellow Shield is pleased to announce the launch of a new generation of neutralising spill kits. These exciting new products include:

Acid neutralising chemical spill kits
Alkali neutralising chemical spill kits
Bleach neutralising chemical spill kits
Battery acid spill kits
Water treatment plant spill kits
Mercury spill kits
Sanitary spill kits
Body fluid spill kits

Each of these spill kits contains a Vytac neutraliser specific to the acids, alkalis, bleaches, mercury or body fluids that are likely to be spilled.

To complement the launch of the new spill kits, Yellow Shield has set out to make companies more aware of their responsibilities when it comes to limiting spills and dealing with them when they happen.

Having already advised on the need for bunded tanks, the environmental control company is now tackling the issue of neutralising spills before a clean-up operation, particularly when aggressive chemicals are in use. Christian Harrer of Yellow Shield has once again offered his expertise in the hope of raising awareness of best practice.

The conventional chemical spill kits on the market contain absorbent socks, pads and pillows that are compatible with aggressive acids and alkalis and are designed to mop up spills of such chemicals.

Companies that are handling such aggressive chemicals should provide personal protection equipment – gloves, goggles, overalls and safety boots – for their employees and so personal protection equipment is not provided in the spill kit unless specifically requested.

The process of dealing with a spill is then as follows:
The chemical spill is identified and treated with the appropriate Vytac neutraliser adding appropriate amounts of water. These neutralisers produce no adverse chemical reaction. The colour change indicators show when the chemical spill has been completely and effectively neutralised.

Once the chemical is neutralised, absorbent pads are used to clean down the area. The residue is safe, being pH neutral, giving greater protection to operators and the environment, and can be disposed of as a general waste or via the sewage system.

The neutralising spill kits come in all sizes from the 50 litre shoulder bag spill kit to the 250 litre wheeled bin spill kit.

The benefits of chemical spill kits with neutralisers include the improved safety of employees, effective chemical neutralisation, ease of use of the system and substantial cost saving of hazardous waste disposal.

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