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Anti viral stretch mask pack of 20 black 550
Anti viral stretch mask pack of 20 black 550

Returning to Work in the ‘New Normal’

With many workforces now able to return to their day to day, work life may not be familiar to the normal routine you were once used to. Procedures have been implemented across workplaces up and down the country, ensuring safety within the team, and sites for construction, welding, and engineering are not exempt from this.

Like most businesses, these industries will want to ensure that their employees are consistently working within a safe environment. Your typical protective wear will of course still be compulsory, but now, with an additional layer; face masks.

A new range of face masks has been released by leading workwear supplier, Alsico.

Supplying garments for workforces across the UK, Alsico has designed and released articles to conform with this new working climate.

Why is a face mask necessary?

It is important to understand how a face mask can help protect you when working in close proximity to your team.

Where and when social distancing is not possible, face coverings can help to provide a crucial barrier between you and others. Albeit, the masks act as a deterrence to protect others working around you, in the case of you having anything yourself, this will aid in reducing the rate of spreading it to anyone else.

Indeed, it is not compulsory to wear a face mask within the working environment. unless your management has specified otherwise. However, wearing one will help to protect you and your colleagues during the working day, working with your day to day tasks as opposed to being an obstacle.

There are various face masks available out there, many of which are more of a fashion statement and are not up to the recommended medical standards. It’s important to understand why face masks are worthwhile implementing into your standard uniform, how to use them appropriately and most importantly, which face mask is best fitted for you and your job role.

Keeping up with standards

Reusable face mask with cord tie sky blue 550
Reusable face mask with cord tie sky blue 550

The facemasks range from Alsico has been manufactured to be reusable, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and washable.

They can withhold high temperatures, making them suitable for many working environments, including hospitality and welding. On top of this, all masks and coverings in the range have been manufactured in line with pharmaceutical industry’s guidelines, guaranteeing a high quality of safety for your team.

Which is the facemask for you?

Each mask and covering within the range have been designed with a specific level of protection in mind.

The best and suggested facemask for a construction worker, welder or engineer would be the reusable facemask with a cord loop. This is ideal for greater coverage around the face and has a more comfortable structure suited for longer wearing.

Manufactured with two layers of breathable and lightweight poly-cotton twill, the mask is fixed in place with two loops and can be adjusted for each wearer. You will feel protected, secure and easy to wear.

Due to the two-loop system and the pull cord, the most attractive feature is the decreased need to keep adjusting this mask whilst you work. Making it faultless for most workers where you need to stay focused on the job at hand.

This particular type of mask can also withstand high temperature working environments, a practical option for welders.

What if I’m particularly client or team facing in my role?

If you regularly speak to clients or your team, there are other options to ensure that you’re fully protected when speaking to various people throughout the working day.

The anti-viral stretch mask is an imperative choice when it comes to more customer-facing roles. This mask will stay in place no matter where and when you need to have a verbal conversation.

Made with two layers of elastane polyester and treated with an anti-viral and water repellent coating, this mask will kill 99% of the virus or bacteria that touches the surface within 2 hours. With all of this in mind, the anti-viral stretch mask is favoured by employees who embark in discussions often.

Anti viral community snood pack of 20 black 550
Anti viral community snood pack of 20 black 550

Alternatively, there is also a snood design with the same properties as the stretch mask above, which may be more comfortable for workers who wear head gear and protection. With little adjustments having to be made once on, this is a no-fuss and highly breathable option for harsher working environments.

Facemasks need not be a distraction or an issue when wearing one in the workplace. Alsico has taken into account many factors when designing and manufacturing each mask. Being one of the leading workwear companies in the UK, they have great deal of experience when it comes to accommodating workwear for each industry, which was why it was so important to create products that do the job, are cost-effective and friendly to the environment. Providing the correct clothing for people at work.

If you are investing in protective face wear for your business, check out Alsico’s latest masks range and full collection of protective workwear.

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