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Renovotec introduces ‘Try Before You Buy’ scheme for latest ProGlove wearable barcode scanners

Renovotec introduces Try Before You Buy scheme for latest ProGlove wearable barcode scanners

Hands-free ProGlove scanners are matchbox size – the world’s smallest and lightest say ProGlove Time savings of up to four seconds per scan and picking error reductions of up to 33% Smart ‘Worker Feedback’ technology provides essential steering functionality Option to buy, rent or return ProGlove products following three month …

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Renovotec Voice technology in action in the warehouse

Renovotec technical services director Lance Bennett provides some practical advice on Voice systems implementation and optimisation Voice is not a panacea, but where it is the right solution for the job it can produce dramatic improvements in performance and accuracy. Increases in worker productivity of up to 35% and a …

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