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FastTrack Vision Picking from Ubimax

FastTrack Vision Picking

New Ubimax solution enables go-live of vision picking with smart glasses in under one hour

As the world’s first provider of industrial augmented reality (AR) solutions, Ubimax now offers companies FastTrack Vision Picking, a vision picking template that is configured and ready for productive use in the warehouse in less than an hour. This solution is available for purchase or as a rental option including selected smart glasses and services. By offering the award-winning Ubimax Frontline platform even without initial investments, customers of all sizes benefit from the fast and risk-free implementation of this technology.

Today, Ubimax, the world’s leading provider of industrial AR solutions for wearable computing, introduces its new FastTrack template for the implementation of vision picking technology in order picking and sequencing processes. FastTrack Vision Picking is aimed at companies that want to use industry-proven AR solutions productively in their warehouse.

The new template includes a ready-made AR workflow for single and multi-order picking, sequencing, and kit building. For the first time, customers can now flexibly configure many features in-house. For example, with just a few clicks the product confirmation can be defined to be carried out by a scan with the smart glasses’ camera, with an external scanner, by wristband RFID reader, by voice input or not at all. The confirmation modality of the correct put location can also be selected, as well as its visual depiction either graphically or textually.

With the help of the Frontline Creator, an integrated AR authoring tool, tasks and workflows can easily be created and adapted to individual needs. As a result, the technology is much easier and faster to use for many companies since extensive pre-project phases are no longer necessary. Other advantages include increased added value through the adoption of best practices, reduced project risks, go-live within a few days of signing the quotation, and planning security through fixed time schedules and budgets.

The possible combination of FastTrack Vision Picking with the Ubimax XaaS rental model provides the opportunity to rent all the necessary smart glasses, software licenses, best practice workflows, and relevant services. This enables companies to implement the patented Ubimax vision picking solution without any upfront investment. By avoiding the initial investment, higher savings than costs are realized from the very first day of use.

Jan Junker, Ubimax CCO, adds: “With this new possibility of using vision picking productively in a warehouse in under one hour with real data, we are revolutionizing the way of implementing projects of this kind. Employees can now start using vision picking technology immediately and under real conditions. Adjustments and optimizations can be executed while the solution is up and running and companies can directly measure and review results – instead of spending weeks or months in the test phase.”


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