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Genie S-100 HD and S-120 HD for Collé Rental & Sales

Collé Rental & Sales with branches in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany has recently added the Genie S-100HD and Genie S-120 HD to its extensive rental and sales assortment. These Genie Heavy Duty straight boom lifts are exclusively designed and built for situations which require the most of the machines. The machines are equipped with full protection which makes them suitable for use under heavy (industrial) conditions.

With a working height of 32.50 meters (S-100 HD) and 38.50 meters (S-120 HD) and a reach of 22.25 meters (S-100 HD and S 120 HD) the Heavy Duty models are similar to the standard Genie S-100 and S-120 models. The steeled body and the squared steel tubes (which provide optimum protection of the pipes and hoses) are characteristic for the Heavy Duty machines. Outer pipes and hoses are protected with a fire-resistant and protective mantle. In addition, the boom lift is equipped with bumper bars and the workbasket is equipped with a welding slag-resistant shield. The hoses, pipes, the hydraulic motor of the workbasket, the moving parts and the cylinders of the machine are protected. The full protection of the Heavy Duty boom lifts makes the machines ideal for work under heavy (industrial) conditions, such as in shipyards where welding and cleaning (sandblasting) are performed on a regular basis. Of course, the rough-terrain tires make the machines suitable for these locations.

Besides the Genie S-100 HD and Genie S-120 HD Collé has added various machines to its extensive rental and sales range recently. Some examples are the Genie SX180, JLG 1850SJ, Palfinger P480 and more than 125 earthmoving machines. To work safely and efficiently with these machines Collé offers with her IPAF-certified department Collé Safety and Training a full range of specialist trainings (including IPAF and TCVT). The training will be held in the IPAF-certified training Centre of Collé or at a location of your choice.

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