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Innovative GreenRoad Technologies Driver App acts as Mentoring aid

Innovative GreenRoad Technologies Driver App acts as Mentoring aid to improve driver safety and performance

GreenRoad Technologies has won a contract to install its innovative driver behaviour and fleet management in-vehicle solution within Bristow & Sutor’s 155 strong fleet of cars and vans.

The Redditch based company, which employs 190 drivers, was keen to look at a way of reducing its insurance premiums and fuel costs whilst at the same time improving the safety of its drivers, reducing accident risks and improving their carbon footprint.

It is an exciting new development for the Enforcement and Debt Recovery Specialists and Bristow and Sutor is confident that not only will the GreenRoad solution meet their objectives, it will also transform the way they manage their fleet. The company sees that the new system will allow them to be able to make better decisions and improve the existing real time visibility of drivers to utilise their resources more efficiently.

Further with GreenRoad’s smartphone application all of Bristow & Sutor’s drivers’ smartphones transform into an effective in vehicle mentoring aid with real time feedback through highly visible graphics and numerical information.

Each driver can see their trip data, safety score and other key performance metrics through the central mobile app. As well as receiving safety tips they can also participate in driver motivation and incentive programmes.

Established in 1977, Bristow & Sutor provides nationwide enforcement and debt recovery services to Local Authorities and Commercial Landlords across England and Wales.

The deployment of the GreenRoad system across the fleet complements Bristow & Sutor’s philosophy of continuous improvement, professional delivery and a commitment to quality service and results. It is a business which embraces technology to provide total transparency at all times.

Andy Rose, Bristow & Sutor’s Managing Director commented: “Whilst we had previously tracked our drivers via their mobile devices, this is the first time we have installed a telematics system across the fleet.

“Following a successful trial we were confident that the GreenRoad system was the right one for us. Further it is a system which demonstrates our commitment to investing in the latest worldwide technology to deliver better customer service whilst reducing our carbon footprint to protect the environment.”

The sophisticated GreenRoad system goes far beyond a simple telematics solution: It continuously monitors and analyses 150 separate vehicle movements, detecting events such as sudden acceleration, harsh braking and sharp cornering. Drivers are alerted to their risky behaviour in near-real time via an easy-to-use dashboard display, creating a powerful feedback loop that engages them in taking charge of their own improvement.

Exception-based alerts keep managers aware of emerging issues in real time. A web-based dashboard allows them to monitor the whereabouts and safety status of all vehicles at a glance. Insightful reports can be easily tailored to manager requirements.

Chris Hoborwyj, GreenRoad’s Director of Sales UK commented: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to install our solution in Bristow & Sutor’s fleet.

“The GreenRoad system adapts to many different vehicle types and sizes and is therefore ideal for an application such as this. Not only will the system help to improve the safety of Bristow & Sutor drivers whilst they go about their daily tasks, it will also swiftly provide a measurable return on investment. It is a highly effective tool and we will continue to work with Bristow & Sutor to ensure that it delivers their objectives.”


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