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Mosca at CeMAT 2020 Strapping solutions for every application

Mosca at CeMAT 2020 – Strapping solutions for every application

  • Ideal for strapping bulky products: EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 KR
  • Energy saving and cost efficient: EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 KR-ZV
  • Mosca – Industry partner for customized strapping solutions

The intralogistics industry with its wide variety of processes places many different demands on product manufacturers. Mosca, based in Waldbrunn, Germany, will be presenting a comprehensive portfolio of strapping solutions at CeMAT in Hanover from 20 to 24 April 2020 (Stand E04, Hall 4). Trade show visitors can look forward to live demonstrations of two Mosca models from the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 range. Ideal for strapping white goods, furniture and other bulky products, the multipurpose EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 KR with flap frame is available in a variable combination of frame widths and heights. The EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 KR-ZV is designed as a compact, energy-saving solution for lightweight products on pallets, dollies or pallet cages.

Mosca is highlighting its versatility and customer focus at CeMAT 2020 in Hanover. “We take a close look at the processes in a customer’s packaging line and come up with the best possible strapping solution,” says Mosca CEO Timo Mosca. “The trend in logistics is moving towards automation and digitalization – and our product portfolio clearly offers the right machines to meet these requirements. But depending on a customer’s specific needs, a non-networked high-performance machine, a stand-alone solution, or a standard semi-automatic, entry-level model sometimes makes the most sense.”

Optimal adaptability, maximum availability

The fact that Germany’s strapping specialists pay close attention to customer needs is demonstrated by the models based on Mosca’s top-selling EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 series. At CeMAT, Mosca will be showcasing the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 KR and EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 KR-ZV. Both of these machines feature a flap frame that can be prefabricated for customers in 200-millimeter increments for up to 49 different size variations. This enables Mosca to offer optimal frame sizes for a wide variety of product dimensions.

Both of the Mosca machines can be easily integrated into any production line. Product Manager Andreas Ding explains: “As a side-seal strapping machine, the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 KR is ideal for bulky products, including white goods, furniture, or air conditioning systems.” Mosca’s optional double strap dispenser offers added convenience by automatically switching to a second strap coil as soon as the first one is empty. The empty coil can then be replaced on-the-fly without interrupting operations. This saves time – especially in fast-paced logistics processes – and guarantees maximum machine availability.

Cost-efficient and energy-saving

The EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 KR-ZV is a compact special solution designed for lightweight products and picking processes. Andreas Ding emphasises: “The EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 KR-ZV is our answer to the common problem of processing lightweight packages on disproportionately large machines with high strap tension. This is a waste of time, money and energy.” The EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 KR-ZV offers an efficient solution. Thanks to a lower strap tension of max. 450 N and force-limited traversing units, the machine – which is supplied CE-compliant ex works – doesn’t require a safety enclosure. This lowers the purchase price and simplifies operation. For instance, the operator does not need to step out of a danger zone before launching the strapping cycle and can feed products into the machine faster.

The EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 KR and EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 KR-ZV both feature Mosca’s patented SoniXs ultrasonic sealing unit. This eliminates the warm-up phase, reduces wear, and requires less energy to seal the strap ends. Mosca machines use reliable components like these to ensure maximum availability – which is indispensable in intralogistics. Another key advantage – and unique in the industry – is Mosca’s ONE Service concept. The technology leader has 130 technicians working worldwide to guarantee maximum service quality and ensure that Mosca machines run perfectly at all times.

Top-quality technology in the entry-level range

The Mosca strapping machine portfolio presented at the company’s CeMAT exhibition stand includes the compact RO-M FUSION model. This standard entry-level machine is ideal for companies that need to strap products less frequently – but with maximum reliability. The strapping cycle on this machine is triggered by a foot pedal or button.

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