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GemOne easy-to-install pedestrian warning system v2

Reduce forklift incidents and make your warehouse safer with a new, easy-to-install pedestrian warning system

Global telematics provider GemOne is making their 360° proximity warning solution available to owners of industrial fleets in the UK.

In recent years the system has been equipping material handlers and logistics companies all over the world with the alerts and actionable insights they need to enhance forklift and pedestrian safety in their workplaces. Now, it’s coming to the UK.

It’s based on state-of-the-art ultra-wideband technology, the most accurate and intelligent way to prevent incidents in your warehouse.

It works by predicting potential collisions between forklifts and pedestrians, and between forklifts and forklifts, and then providing warnings (audible, vibration, and LED lights) as well as generating valuable reports and data in real-time.

With GemOne’s proximity warning solution, material handlers and equipment dealerships in the UK will be able to avoid machine damage by minimising forklift to forklift impacts.

They’ll safeguard their employees by minimising forklift and pedestrian collisions.

And they’ll get reports on all near-misses so they can see which operators and pedestrians are most prone to accidents.

You can grab a brochure for the proximity warning solution here: https://www.gemone.com/en/pedestrian-warning-system-uk/

If you’d like to see the proximity warning solution in action, GemOne will be offering demos at this year’s IMHX Show (6-8 September) at the NEC in Birmingham, UK (Booth 5F96). Reach out to GemOne representative Lawrie Harris to set up a personalised chat (+44 7425 885 758 or lawrie.harris@gemone.com).

Safety first for industry in 2022

Safety is a major issue for the material handling industry right now.

There are more safety regulations at the national level in the UK than ever before and industry guidelines place an increasing focus on employee welfare.

There’s also a growing desire amongst companies in the UK to ensure that staff are safe.

Incidents in the workplace can lead to significant loss, both to human life and to business.

Safety impacts on insurance premiums and, ultimately, on warehouse efficiency.

Sapphire: premium safety management

GemOne’s proximity warning system is fully compatible with GemOne’s own safety management solution, Sapphire.

Sapphire’s on-screen Safety Checklists make pre-start checks on your forklifts mandatory, with instant lockout if there’s a critical issue. This ensures operators have inspected the machine and determined that it is safe to operate. It documents the completed checklist and the amount of time it took to complete. It tracks user behaviour and safety issues with real time data on a cloud platform. No clipboards. No illegible writing. No paper. Just a safe fleet, every day.

The Impact Reporting feature of the Sapphire solution is ideal for fleet managers lacking oversight on unreported impacts. Unreported impacts are costly to businesses, both in terms of damage repair and machine downtime. This feature allows managers to receive instant notifications of impacts so they can identify which operators and areas are most prone to incidents. They can add additional strobes and buzzer alarms, and set up lockout thresholds to stop machines working after an impact.

For those frustrated with the unapproved use of machines, Sapphire’s Operator Access Control feature gives access to machines to approved operators only. They can give access via a PIN code, RFID card, or fob. Fleet managers choose who they want to operate each machine, based on their own criteria of certifications and training.

Other features of Sapphire include: Session Reporting, allowing you to monitor the activity of operators on a daily basis to gain insights on efficiencies; Usage reporting, so you can see exactly how long your machines are being used; and Licence Management, so you can ensure that operators using your machines always comply with the appropriate safety training and licensing requirements.

GemOne also offers a battery monitoring solution so you can eliminate the headaches you’re experiencing managing your expensive industrial batteries. This empowers you to avoid unnecessary wear of your batteries, maximise their charge cycles, and prolong their lifespan.

GemOne: Smart telematics for industrial fleets

GemOne took its first steps 10 years ago in Australia, developing a powerful system to monitor industrial vehicles remotely.

Becoming a daughter company of TVH in 2018, GemOne today combines a shared knowledge and experience in technology, business, and machines to serve a range of customers from three global headquarters.

With more than 75,000 industrial machines connected to its telematics systems, GemOne is trusted by companies around the world.

GemOne is a provider of telematics.

Telematics is the process of using technology to collect insights about your machinery, vehicles, and tools.

For example, you install a telematics tracker into your forklift, and that device collects data from digital and analog signals, sending that data to a cloud platform where it is transformed into meaningful information.

This real-time, high-volume data is filtered into valuable insights which enable material handling businesses to finetune their processes, improve operational efficiency, and enhance safety on the shop floor.

GemOne pic 2

IMHX: receive a free tailored demo from GemOne

GemOne will be attending IMHX 2022 next month. They will be present at Booth 5F96.

IMHX is an important event in the UK for supply chain and intralogistics professionals. It’s taking place at the NEC in Birmingham on 6-8 September.

GemOne representatives will be in attendance to discuss industry trends in safety and technology with all those involved in the handling, movement, or transportation of goods throughout the supply chain in the UK.

They’ll be offering product demos at IMHX of their proximity warning, safety management, and battery monitoring solutions.

If you’d like to arrange a chat at IMHX about your specific business needs, feel free to reach out to GemOne representative Lawrie Harris to set up a personalised chat (+44 7425 885 758 or lawrie.harris@gemone.com).

If you’d like to learn more about GemOne’s Proximity Warning Solution, grab your brochure here: https://www.gemone.com/en/pedestrian-warning-system-uk/


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