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RTITB Launches Overhauled Materials Handling Equipment Instructor Course

RTITB Launches Overhauled Materials Handling Equipment Instructor Course to Improve Safety Standards

From 3rd June 2024, RTITB will introduce a revamped Materials Handling Equipment Instructor course. The course has been completely modernised to help assure employers that their Instructors have the skills and knowledge to make a genuine impact on safety and standards.

“We wanted to deliver a new training syllabus and examination that gives companies the reassurance that if they have an RTITB Instructor, they will comply with legislation and be training safer, more efficient operators within the workforce,” says Laura Nelson, Managing Director for RTITB, the leading accrediting body for workplace transport training.

“This is a vital step in ensuring we elevate standards within our industry, while also giving Instructors the skills and knowledge they need to meet modern learning preferences effectively,” she continues Uniquely, the course will cater to more diverse candidates. It is currently the only Instructor course that can be tailored with reasonable adjustments. That means it can meet the differing needs of candidates. For example, those who are neurodiverse. This opens the door to a career as an Instructor for many who otherwise may have felt excluded.

The course’s syllabus also introduces guidance on reasonable adjustments for operator training candidates. Plus, how equality, diversity, and inclusion can influence training delivery.

The new syllabus is also the first to consider current knowledge around training expectations and learning styles. Plus, the modern tools, methods, and technologies available to Instructors. It includes a focus on how different delivery methods contribute to effective learning for varied types of learners, including face to face, blended, and digital styles.

The course itself uses a ‘flipped classroom’ learning approach. Candidates will participate in self-paced eLearning outside of face-to-face time. The Instructor will then confirm the learning with candidates. This gives Instructors first-hand experience of how digital learning is used effectively.

“As well as modernising the course, we have also changed the examination,” explains Laura. “Previously, both the theory test and presentation to the Examiner took place on the final day. We have seen this lead to nerves. And these can prevent competent Instructor candidates from successfully qualifying.”
“The new examination process lessens the pressure. Yet provides a wider view of candidate ability,” she continues.

The assessment includes an Associated Knowledge test. This open book test can be attempted multiple times during the course. It uses a bank of randomised content to avoid predictability.

Candidates must also successfully complete an In Class Lesson Delivery test and a Practical Lesson Delivery test. This ends with a Professional Discussion. An Advanced Operational Competence Test is also required.

For the first time, those successfully completing the course will receive either a pass, merit, or distinction grade. This gives employers a helpful idea of the Instructor’s level of knowledge and skill.

“Another way that our new course is different is its focus on Instructor behaviour alongside knowledge and skills,” says Laura. “It is designed to instil confidence alongside competence, inspiring Instructors to learn and develop.”

“Together, all of these bold changes will make it easy for employers to know that they are making the right choice when they select RTITB Instructor training for their company,” continues Laura.

The RTITB Materials Handling Equipment Instructor course and examination will be available from RTITB Instructor Centres across the UK from 3rd June 2024. The changes apply to all courses, including novice, conversion, and re-registration training.

Find out more at www.rtitb.com, contact solutions@rtitb.com or call +44 (0)1952 520200.

Locate an Accredited RTITB Instructor Centre by visiting the website and searching via ‘Course Locator’.

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